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Recent content by B.A.M.

  1. B.A.M.

    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    Fortunately for all of us. It seems like For Glory will more than likley be 3 stocks 6 mins, Battlefield and Omega variants for Stages. We may not get the exact same ruleset that they will have, but being even this close is very nice for us. Less of a hurdle for our new players.
  2. B.A.M.


    Hey guys Bam here, long time Sonic main. So when I was able to play Ultimate at EVO I was happy to find out that useless tech I loved to spam all the way back in Brawl is now actually VERY VERY useful. So I made a brief video on it! ENJOY
  3. B.A.M.

    Smash Ultimate Ruleset Philosophy

    Yeah Im in agreement with my boy falln. Most people are going to defacto to turn off rage, Im hoping the balancing that we see can allow us to do so (its a bit more complex than just the toggle imo). At any case I think most of us lean toward an anti-rage argument. After taking the time to...
  4. B.A.M.

    The ideal patch: Bowser Jr.

    May I ask where you are getting these ideas from? Again I just dont feel these make anysense relative to the character, This is actually making the cannon absolutely ridiculous among other things. Again I have to question what your standing is on this "balance" patch? it seems like whatever you...
  5. B.A.M.

    The Ideal Patch: Bayonetta

    honestly i feel bayonetta is fine as is the only things i would change personally bats within. I would remove it from her AD leaving her with the frame 6 AD she already has. I think that on its own accord would set up a falcon type scenario where she combos you hard but you can combo her hard as...
  6. B.A.M.

    KIDs lab.

    so is this the spot for info dumps? leggoooooo
  7. B.A.M.

    Sonic Footstool Loops, Spin Dash Shield Cancel Buffered Shield Drop and More *Vids Inside*

    Hello Sonic boards! Have been a long time member and usually go in and out of here. Usually try to spread information best I can but sometimes it can get buried so easily. This stuff I have been talking about for awhile, however people tend to take it more from it when u can simply showcase it...
  8. B.A.M.

    ► *VERSUS MATCHES & COMBO VIDEOS* Megathread - Share your Videos here!

    One of my first multi-character Combo Videos! Incorporates some gimps, perfect pivot combos and some crazy high level strings! Hope you guys enjoy!!!
  9. B.A.M.

    Tourney Locator Tech Of The Week: Perfect Parry Impact OS

    This isnt unique to Smash 4 btw. This was in brawl as well
  10. B.A.M.

    Tourney Locator Tech Of The Week: Perfect Parry Impact OS

    yeah like the guy said this is VERY different from that. Option Selects are the SAME input giving MULTIPLE results depending on what occurs during that movement. It has been something which has been VERY underutilized in the entire series of Smash but is something major in traditional fighting...
  11. B.A.M.

    Tourney Locator Tech Of The Week: Perfect Parry Impact OS

    you are so lonely loool
  12. B.A.M.

    Mind Over Meta #31 - All These Option Selects

    this is option coverage. Option Selects are something completely different. Just want everyone to know so they dont get confused!!! I really enjoyed the article nonetheless!!! all hail @SmashCapps !
  13. B.A.M.

    Her Majesty Ep. 2 : Sheik's Full Hop Needles True Combos, Setups and Footstools

    So glad you all enjoyed!!!! HEY ARIKADOOOOOOO I SAW YOU ON STREAM!!!! <3 Anyways I look forward to making a new video for you all, and I will definitely be improving my overall video quality and editing skills to bring u the best possible content. If there any cool stuff u guys figure out...
  14. B.A.M.

    Smash And Grab - Roy Breakdown

    I disagree. Roy beats Marth/ Lucina. Iono where this convincingly comes from. His neutral is better and get a far better reward from grab ( something they very much lack. He also has an overall better edgeguard presence and his up b OoS gives him an amazing OoS kill option among his other good...
  15. B.A.M.

    Smash And Grab - Roy Breakdown

    I will do a Roy guide fairly soon which should be for advance level play. Just finished her majesty episode 2 with sheik needle combos incorporating perfect pivots and have the Little Mac advanced stuff up as well. Will be trying to get through most of the cast to show some fun stuff. Hope u...
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