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  • I could send you a PM, but it'd be a lot easier to answer specific questions via AIM or Skype. Hit me up sometime! My AIM is smartguy41112 and my Skype is williamwalsh41188. Let me know which way is easiest for you =)
    I'm never on AIM, LOL.

    I occasionally go on by request. If you catch me on, send me a PM, and just be like, "It's B.A.M." From Smashboards.
    Yeah, I've been backed up a lot lately. There are quite a few PMs I haven't replied to yet. My apologies, I'll get to it tonight.
    I never use f tilt so i havent even tried that out yet haha xD, my aim is ramin249 btw but im not on it that often
    Usually randomly in northridge

    If you can find a way all the way to Santa Clarita I'd be down to play anytime, although the people I practice with are in northridge. You're more than welcome to come to our smashfests!
    Heading to Texas? What for?

    And why? I mean, according to Haze on Facebook, we only have two good players!
    Haha.... people are just figuring that **** out? XD

    Reminds me of Snake's fall-through-platforms-holding-a-grenade thing.. but with other characters.
    Sheik and Pit both suffer from bad mains IMO. <_< Going to give both rep, but probably not in tourney for a while.

    Haha... yeah... I'd do the same vs him sometimes.. like suddenly stop using grenades. =\

    Hahahaha... like what techs? XD And that's because most people didn't take me seriously, I did sound cocky back then (and still do..haha)
    Haha... yea. College > Brawl man. :) Gotta keep those priorities straight.

    No no no, that IS THE SUSA SWAG. You come really close and choke at the end vs Tyrant/DSF/Haze.

    I think it's more of they sandbag til last stock then **** me. But that's my personal belief.

    I haven't played Brawl since I left the smash scene buddy. ;) Trying to get back into it... need to find my GC remote otherwise I'm using wiimote... T_T... Which won't be THAT bad except I want to do Sheik's DACUS... -_-

    BTW, I took your advice on Sheik.

    I didn't know actually, and that'd be awesome! :)

    First I need to get a design from my cousin. <_< He's been lagging on getting it drawn so I can CG and make the T-shirt design. Then we have a few others but my mom says I should set up shop, even if it's only one item on Etsy. :x

    How you been man? :)
    You seem extremely solid, honestly. You make the most out of every move that you do and you put yourself in a good position to hit tyrant and get a string going. I cant honestly see whats wrong Sonic wise. Player wise...once tyrant his that kill % sometimes you get a little desperate. Or its just me. I saw dsmash>Fsmash>rolldodge. Now, not saying this is a bad thing because he didnt really punish you for it. Just be careful with it vs other players that will be up in your face.

    Another thing im seeing is that you run into alot of moves...well not run into. You fall into it. Spring-dair into nado, airdodging your landings. Thats all i can see thats wrong, everything else seems to turn out like it should. You're really solid.
    like...i have no serious way to get to malcolm. :/
    Im stumped.

    Uh, i have aim, but we'll have to talk tomorrow, i have to get up early for stinkin college. :/
    aim is Sonicthisthebest.
    he never got close to it. Spindash barely hits malcolm. when he see's a side b, he positions himself to not get hit by it.
    Like...malcolm used to main sonic. he's already **** as a player, but he knows this character inside and out. like, to the point to make any sonic main say that malcolm is an auto loss for sonic. The side B doesnt work for me that much because he knows exactly when you're going to do this move. Sonic shouldnt have to commit to anything, i know but...its like he's still ahead of you. :(
    I know bam, we gotta start holdin it down! I played malcolm last night like i said, and...it wasnt pretty LOL.

    I got alot to improve on. I've been busy with college crap like i told you, but im looking at your vids atm. I'll try my hardest to point out some stuff.
    and if you want to help me out for my tourney that I have coming up.

    ICs (might never work just cus they slide so fkn far)
    lol my bad for not answering. i've been busy (still am kinda, dumb college).

    Yeah, the run past reverse ASC into their shield. Its really good, but just be sure not to overuse it. Mix it uuup. :p thats what i gotta do.

    Uh...some cross ups? im not sure bam, i need some myself LOL. I also need to adapt better, learn when to do certain moves. I cant help you in that department. Like...if you were to describe how you play Sonic, how would you? And i'll watch your vids soon man, i know you ***** em
    ***** why you so adamant all of a sudden? you act like you got a tourney next week or something
    I'd suggest you also post them up on the video thread so you can get KID to check it out. He's probably better than I am at spotting things and pointing them out.

    I'll need time where I can sit down and check these out, which I rarely have now a days.
    I'll make an attempt, but I can't promise that I'll be timely in giving you any feedback.
    u guys should learn DDP fsmash or dsmash. ex: dash right then dash right left and fsmash quickly ( the speed of a stutter step for the last three parts.) again u can do it with dsmash as well.

    which direction would the f smash be in?
    Thanks for the input.
    It was interesting, at best.

    I'll be checking out the videos when they are finally upload, then I'll get back to you.
    Yes I got your message.

    I'm sorry though it's been taking me quite a whilte to actually upload them. I have the video footage captured, but I've been busy with family for a while.

    I should have a couple of them uploaded by tonight, and the rest by tomorrow, if you're reading this post sometime today, August 10th anyway.

    As for the other videos, go ahead and send them my way and I'll upload those too.

    Also let me know when you'll be in Vegas so we can get something arranged. Hopefully my parents won't mind.
    Sounds good. Whatever works. Just PM me your thoughts or something, and I'll eventually reply.
    haha sup bam, yeah i know xD tbh i do suck alot lately :/ gotta get some practice going on
    its percentage based. ASC late footstool stops working around 50 and spindash hop late facejumps stop working around 60 due to the scaling of the KB of those moves. SDR to SDJ facejump works up to a bit higher %s tho.

    however, if you want to set up a techchase or maybe hope that they wont react in time. spindash hop and ASC instant footstool will work all the way up to past 150 if your fast enough about it.
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