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  • you misunderstand. Soonest possible footstool is a BAD thing.

    instant footstool basically immediately puts them on the ground while you are still rising in the air.

    If you can wait a tiny bit and fsj them in midair, that means they have to fall for a while. and than hit the ground on an untechable landing. which gives you more time to do the smallest jump possible and than fastfall on them with a bair.
    no. im not going to apex.

    about the footstools, make sure that you note the fact that the height at which you footstool them factors a greatdeal into the possible follow ups no matter what you do.

    about nado. make sure you include shield to dash grab (best option), shield to turn around grab, up air, oos, spindash vert jump to HA, and f smash and all possible air dodge and DI aerial options.
    Funny. Dao told me X's application against campy players is the reason he gets shut down so hard.

    Meta Knight is easily one of Sonic's most difficult match-ups. I've played M2K, Dojo, Dphat, Van Jones, and several other Meta Knights in the past. It's clearly one of Sonic's only 7:3 match ups, if not the only one.

    Many, many Sonics do not understand the difficulty in the match up because they haven't played a top level Meta Knight in a set before. I've played Dojo and M2K for more than five games a piece, so I have a pretty **** good idea.

    That's like saying that I need to learn how to play anyone who plays a top tier character. They all camp.

    It's no biggie, I already got it down. I just need to focus on application.
    Learn to anti-camp?
    You mean learn to NOT camp?

    I'm the least campiest Sonic I can think of.
    I'll be getting it up soon, lots of things got in my way this weekend.

    If Bionic is online and willing, it should only take like, one or two days.
    I only got one replay of Ice Climbers. ;-;

    Anyway don't worry about it, I should've asked. I'm fixing them up as you're reading this; I just got out of the dentist.
    Yeah no problem, just hit me up if you need anymore videos uploaded, I'll get 'em up ASAP. It took me until President's day/this morning to get your vids up because my weekend was rather busy, and my Valentine's day was... hehehehe...

    I find it hard to be able to use DACUS safely, either I miss, they spotdodge through the attack, or they shield the entire attack and punish me after. :(
    If you're there, I've already finished uploading some of the videos you sent me. Another one is about to finish uploading and start processing a couple of minutes, and I'm going to leave my computer on overnight to finish uploading most of (if not the rest of) the matches.

    Do you mind taking a look and telling me who are the Sonic players, their opponents, when and where it took place, what kind of match(es) they were, out of how many, etcera?
    um, I still play I guess, pretty casually though, haven't been to a real tournament in ages.
    Also, who are you? sorry, I don't remember, it's been a while since I've seen any competitive brawl players, Irvine is melee or gtfo :/
    flying towards the ground is just DI. Even if it's a grounded hit. Neutrally, they don't send towards the ground.

    Also, your youtube link is copied wrong so I can't view the video ;/

    I doubt Sonic gets frame advantage on any of his tilts, except for maybe D-tilt, but even that's pushing it. His tilts come out fast but sort of linger afterwards. The only way to possibly get that is if it's decayed enough that the opponent gets the kind of DDD D-throw hitstun.

    I haven't seen an F-tilt decayed enough to do a forced getup though. I don't think it would happen at a high %.

    but remember, it's only for release, and it still only lasts as long as it usually would.
    I most likely will add in something on crossups. We'll open discussion on it if/when I get to it.
    But you see, the issue is that the opponent has to be pretty much adjacent to or inside the spring for any of those moves to effectively work. That's why it's too situational to really mess with lol.

    Though, one of the last things I played with over the summer was doing a grounded spring>D-air into ledge. This has a higher chance of baiting the opponent to come towards you. Also, if you space the spring right, you can also DJ from the ledge and F-air>spring cancel so they can't punish you after the F-air. From there, you can either D-air to pressure their shield (if they shield inside the spring) or do some kind of thing like double jump and delayed HA or delayed D-air (assuming they'll try to attack your F-air).

    however, I didn't get good enough at this and definitely didn't have (good) human players to test it with too much, haha.
    first, be acquainted with these moves:
    Spring-cancelled aerial (SCA): while falling, use an aerial move of your choice, then FF onto the spring.
    Double Jump from spring: If you used up-B, land first. If you end up hitting the spring, double jump immediately after bouncing.
    D-air "stall": D-air as soon as you bounce on the spring.

    In training mode, set up a grounded spring near a standing character then lagless D-air away. This leaves you with about 2 seconds to do spring-related movements. You can try SCA combos by hitting them with an aerial on your way down, then either following them immediately with a DJ aerial or knocking them upwards with D-air if they're grounded and near the spring.

    So for example (and I did this in a real match so I can cite it):
    I do a retreating grounded spring>D-air.
    My opponent (Pit) started walking towards me and ended up just in front of the spring.
    I started a SH F-air towards him. He shielded but towards the end, I shieldpoked the back of his shield.
    Instead of landing, I hit the spring and went into instant D-air (hit him upwards since he was on the floor).
    D-air got cancelled by spring and I B-air him on my way up.

    A more common thing I do is after retreating Spring>D-air, I might do an aerial towards the spring, then 1-3 D-airs on it. Then as the opponent walks towards me, I'll go into HA right after bouncing.
    Still in Vegas? :p

    I may be free Wednesday. Not 100% sure.

    Also I'm getting a job at a local Pavilions. :3
    The chain is only useful in certain matchups, it actually sucks pretty hard. lol
    Did you know you can JJC to fair and hit most anyone? XD

    I just don't want to tell the Sheik boards. :p
    Sucks that your busy today. :/

    Also her JJC sucks, pretty much everyone can just mash jump to escape. XD (AKA: the 3 characters I actually tested can)

    Waiting for Dao to get back to me, going to see if he wants to hang out and smash today.
    Hey man, you free tomorrow? Also do you know your weekend plans yet? If not I'm going to see if I can get a ride with someone else for sure. That way I can go if you aren't able to.

    Also fair to DACUS is actually legit, just no one uses it. Also I've yet to tell them about their JJC - I'm looking into the frame data first.

    That's a legit combo man. lol.

    We should drop Snake for Sheik. <3 Both are sexy.
    wassup man

    sorry my phone has been disconnected.
    sometime this next week ill text you

    ill connected tomorrow
    Haha, not today. Dad's a little pissy and I need to get out of the house.

    Possibly tomorrow if your free?
    Oh ****, you're up? Oo lol

    If not there's like 3 other tourneys around the same time.(day or two off) but IDK how far those are.... but I've been to a Cerritos tourney and it's not too bad.

    Keep me up to date on whether or not you can make it ;o if you need gas money or something let me know as well.
    my number is 7142805320 , my phone is dead atm, trying to get a new phone. just hit me up sometime
    I'm free pretty much whenever. IDK about this week.

    Do you have texting?

    lol #
    ^ that'll be edited out once you get it. Let me know when you have it.

    We can set up dates+times then. I'm going down to Lancaster for a week this Friday (99% chance) so this week I won't be out here.
    Go on Youtube and search:

    Shugo (Sonic) Overswarm (MK)

    Shugo (Sonic) Lain (Ice Climbers)

    Shugo is too food. lol
    I noticed that.... as time went on you were getting harder and harder.

    My only tip is to know when to use nair and dair to get a lot of damage (20%+) and a possibly KO.

    Your ground game improved a lot however, same with your grab game.
    yeah, took a break from brawl. But since my summer is coming up, i think im going to get back in. Let me know if you wanna play sometime.
    Sounds great. :)

    Want me to introduce myself as Tails in private or just have you call me SuSa (Sue - Sah)
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