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  • hey Jason we gotta play mang. You should come play with us sometime. We try to get a good group of us together alot of the time. We play with tyrant and haze as well some other players if ur down to play with some competitive brawlers.
    this is bam. i came by ur friends place awhile back and we played. I play sonic and snake.
    hey u still play? ive been playing with dao (5th in so cal power rankings) and some other good players. we need to meet up again if ur down.
    Figured it would have been exploited.
    Funny how Sheiks has never really been used. I have seen reversed Needle throws, but I have never seen it used on the ground to slide backwards.

    Also, can Falso do this:
    SH> Laser right> laser left
    Hehe thanks, although I don't actually mod the falco boards :/ I mod the brawl videos and other media section.

    Mini Mic is in charge of the falco boards, but I'll see if I can share the modship with him, because it is my most visited section of smashboards.
    I find this conversation especially funny because I didn't even know Falco could do that until just now.

    Funny stuff.

    Anyway, Boost Grab, which from what I now understand, exists, is just the running grab animation with an added one or two frames for the dash attack start-up. So nope, not faster.

    You learn something new every day.
    Sure man. Falco's pivot grab grabs on frame 9. Add one to three frames for the start-up animation of the dash attack and you've got his boost grab.

    For reference, his running grab connects on frame 11.
    it was active during the guide making process, and now that the cgs have been found it has become active again.
    Frigate Orpheon

    you said n00b wishes to reserve Frigate Orpheon so that he can write an article on it right? well its been a while, can you get him to please hurry?
    idk if Champ answered it for you but DI up and Spam your Jump button, or DI in to Sheik and try to escape that way and DI Down and try to tech the ground, I believe are 3 options are for all characters short of a few exceptions.

    A good Sheik player will easily just turn around and continue the Ftilt and can keep swapping back and forth to keep the lock going, especially on Falco or any Space Animal. It is a "lock" for a reason.
    i did terrible. lost to people i shouldn't (no mixups, obvious approaches, etc.).

    but i got better did better against haze and bardull

    i didn't really get to practice the stuff i wanted to between this weekend and last weekend cause of finals but i'll be ready next weekend :D
    @ Black, edit your first post, you can change the title from there

    I wish I was in Irvine, I went there in the Summer and it was nice =]
    Hey you're from Torrance going to UCI right? If so what year are you etc etc? I wanna make some smasher friends. :]

    Feel free to send me an IM on AIM too! gg uninstall
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