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  • I sig partially made it from scratch...I had a lot of editing to do with the Ness itself. Made the background splatters and the text is default. The avatar I seriously had to edit and added some text, some filters to make it brighter.

    Sorry I just love to give gifts haha.
    Oh wow thank you. :D

    You like to go above and beyond huh? Just gotta **** with everything and everyone haha. My Luigi's actually getting really good. I get a GOOD Super Jump Punch KO just about every match now.
    Sorry I'm so observant. :p Hmm...change it to Luigi ^^

    I use Snake, Luigi and Yoshi a bit now for fun. Ness is of course, still my main haha.
    I may need for you to put in my Wii code and Brawl code. I know I have your Brawl code in, but I'm not sure I have your Wii code. I just sent Man of Popsicle a video of me apparently escaping Marth's death grab with the EIDI. I just need to see if it was teh EIDI I did or if it was some other release method. I watched the video a couple of times and it looks like Marth is pummeling as fast as possible.

    If MoP is unable to send it to you via Brawl, then I may have to do this myself. However, that could be awhile as the Wii hardly ever works anyway. Anyway, I just want to see if I have actual evidence of this EIDI working. I'm not sure if you've read this already, but whether or not it's fake, I'm staying neutral on it until Ref fesses up or something.
    Can you test this? Have ness use his dthrow on the catapult of pirate ship, then when it goes it hits your opponent out of the throw, and not you.
    That would be awesome.
    Well first, you shouldn't use Ocarina. It is outdated and inferior to Gecko OS.
    Download Gecko OS
    Yay another hacker! :)

    OK, when people say modded wii, it just means that you have Homebrew Channel installed.
    So yeah, you need Twilight Hack. Twilight Hack gives you the modded Wii.
    Search twilight hack on Google, I don't think i'm supposed to link to hacker websites at SWF.
    Look for a site called Wiibrew....
    You mainly need twilight princess, a sd card and a sd card reader.
    Hey kev, my cousin is coming over this weekend and he mains lucas. I was wondering if you could play some lucas dittos maybe saturday afternoon/night?
    I registered him 3 days ago, we can't seem to actually send stuff to each other because our Wii's wont officially register each other.
    My ideas.
    The intro.
    Comments from each user in the description.
    For the name I like Earthbound misfit, OKAY!, and Ness boards community compilation vidro.
    I got a cool idea for the video intro.
    Metaknight, Ness, and Captain Falcon x2. (Normal colors)

    Captain Falcon1: "Come ON!"
    Captain Flacon2: "Show me your moves!"
    Ness: "Okay!" *uses PK Flash*
    Metaknight: *Gets hit by PK Flash, dies*
    Falcon 1: *Run up to falcon 2 up-B*
    Falcon 2: *get hit by up-B
    Falcon 1: *YES!!!*

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