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  • Or with the unrestricted camera, you can turn the camera around the whole stage and see that the...... uhhh...... hard to explain...

    You know how the camera usually faces towards the screen? Well, imagine that, but turn the camera around 180 degrees. The area right there is all black, i think every stage has it.
    Hacks dude.......

    Theres a code that lets you play on the results stage, but for some reason the stage is just a huge black room.
    I tried it out and got it. You can hold on the Control stick before you hit the c-stick as well. And if preformed just off a ledge it sucks you back to the stage. Trippy.
    No problem. If you have any problems, I'll do my best to help you out. :) Just please, don't give up on Ness.
    usd my bad i say wow your moves are very good
    and today go for it xoxokev won't give up
    If your t.v is messed up don't worry about it the dazzle only takes the pictures it receives from the cords, there will be no T.V interference. Meaning if you have a t.v with green blobs everywhere those green blobs shouldn't appear on recording.
    yeah of course; u cant deny these kinds of things.
    he survive;'s longer too. if u DI with his d-air, his momentum pretty much stops.
    and he combo's alot better than any of the Mother kids do
    u can do a series of u-air's and finish off with any other of his aerials
    It's okay Kev. ^^;

    This is the last day for me too, and I'm probably going to be to busy to brawl for a while. D:
    D: But your ness is awesome!!! I remember you doing that epic PK fire spike on me :p It was sweet, I could never do something like that. ^^;
    LOL Yeah when I was PK Missling in the air when you were trying to recover, I was like LOL LETS see iwhat happens! I better not die! and LOL I barely made it in and stopped doing that
    I never said I was giving up on Ness. The new characters are **** to me and I don't feel like following the crowd and their high/top tier. Forget them. Ness is hell of a lot better than them! Well I still like Kirby, Samus, Falcon and some other characters, but yeah, not happening. I've come too far with Ness. I'm not going to stop.
    Uffe isn't giving up Ness D: Me and him were just talking, and explaining why he's in a slump and all that. So now hes sticking with him no matter what :3 And hes way to good to give up anyways <3
    Dazzle DVD recorder, set up with Y splitters, and all that stuff... One to the t.v other to dazzle from the wii.
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