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  • i dont know man its like a 3hour drive for me i dont know if id go that far for just friendlies sorry dood.
    Hi sry for late reply been busy, i'd love to ditto i'll be getting wi-fi in 2 weeks (switched to verzion) when it comes i'll giv you my fc :d.
    np, I hope i gave you the correct info lol. I'm pretty sure it's right, but hopefully someone else can confirm it
    I'm on EST too. Saturday sounds good. I think we should wait until Friday or Saturday to make a time. Things may change, or I may forget. Dx
    that sounds so terrible, i hate unorganized tourneys...
    lol, oh ok, it wasnt that great huh?
    ♥Oh, I don't think it's criticism Mr. Fouf. ^__^

    ♥I want everyone to join, because it will show that we are all friends with each other. If not friends, it will show we are all connected. ;)
    I dunno what Steam/Vent is, lmfao. O_o

    I don't think I'm the person you're referring to. Nice to meet you too. :3
    ♥Thank you! ^__^

    ★I'm surprised there are so many members too! But I am trying to get everyone to join though! ;)

    ♡Hmmmm.. what sort of events are you thinking of?
    ♥Oh, that's not a clan. That's just a social group. ^__^

    ★ Although, I do believe there are clans on this site. Somewhere....:dizzy:

    ★My font is supposed to look like this. ;)

    ♡Sure, just tell me when you'd like to play. ^__^
    honestly, that may sound like it would work, but it doesn't. Ganondorf is also a punisher, so hes looking to do the exact same thing as you said. I can't be bothered explaining it right now, so just go an post exactly what you posted to me in the ganondorf boards somewhere (don't make a new thread). They will probably end up falming you, but at least then you'll know.
    ♥Hmmmmmmm.... I was thinking of something else. But let's just go with what you said. ;)

    ♥Bless you! I also say that for hiccups! We need to get you checked up Mr. Foufy.

    ♥Yes, and those squiggly lines are intriguing, I know. ;)


    ♥Hmmmmm... I can brawl at 3 Eastern time. I'm a bit tied up at the moment. ^__^;
    ♥Mr. Falcon? I guess he's an interesting character to play as. Not my type though. ;)

    ♥Bless you! I use that phrase for coughs too. ^__^

    ♥And yes cute squiggly lines! ;)

    ♥Wait... you'd like to brawl now? :dizzy:
    ♥Tildas sound so formal! ;)

    ♥I like to call them cute squiggly lines. ^__^

    ♥Yes, and we should play! Who do you main? ;)
    Unfortunately, no. Not even close to that. How do you get the N-air combos? Ganondorf can outrange your approaches with F-tilt or D-tilt easily. Ganondorf can rack up damage crazy quick and has great potential. Right now it rests at slightly in Ganondorfs favour according to most people, and hopefully we can change that.
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