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  • I love animals I listened to it 6 times the day I got it. I'm a hard core pink floyd fan, I mean I do have a dark side of the Moon blanket and know most of their songs(not lyrics I don't know the lyrics of any sog all the way though. But favorite line from them is "that space cadet glow" from this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr5AJJuzO8A one day I wish someone would tell me about my spae cadet glow.
    sweeeeeet sig. What's your favorite sonf form the album? My favorites are any clr you like and us and them. But they are all really good it's hard to pick a favorite
    Oh come on my friend! You know it could have more than one meaning! As like how words have multiple meanings =P ; lets night fight. We are Smash Brothers.

    Swamp Meet.

    It was to late at night for you to remember that Swamp Meet is not a definitive meaning; it has multiple meanings.

    @This is a reply at your comment you made on Where to buy controllers.
    My ice climbers even if I can't down throw regrab, I really can't pull it off. Wave smashing would just **** the F*** out of pichu. But I don't know how to di out of pichu's f-smash and the ice climbers have pretty bad di anyways
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