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  • Remember the last tourney of the summer where you told me I was practicing wrong and showed how to practice the right way? Well I started applying it to my falcon, and it seems to work so fast. I tried comboing some cpus and i realize they've got garbage DI, but I'm WAY better than I was just after like 2.5 hours.
    haha thanks.

    i also got a new job today, so theres now a slight chance i cant make it to apex.


    but we will see!
    Haha sorry about that.

    I really wanted to do sheik cuz I wanted the experience.

    Next time ;)
    It's more about the points rather than the exact name of the infraction. If there was a 3 point infraction for flaming moderators and the smash community I would have used that instead.

    Again, if you feel that the infraction is wrong you can post in forum support about it.
    If you think the infraction was wrongfully given you can post in Forum Support about it.

    You can not deny that what you posted was wrong.
    What do you do to practice when you can't play other people?

    And yes, I meant characters that don't fall, thanks.
    I was hoping you could answer a fox question for me: Does your opponent have to miss the tech for nair>shine> (WD)>nair to work? I remember you doing it to me and josh, .... but we suck.
    Harrisburg im asking rob gambino right now but hes not 100% sure so i just want to confirm a ride and have a backup ya know
    hey yo u remember me? u came to tampa but we never got to play

    i was wondering if you were passing through southern illinois that maybe u can give me a ride to POE3 i will pay gas and such
    LOL did you?

    I did too actually. To the point where I couldn't find my shoes and glasses in time for day 1
    Gah, I always try. He has massive parent/project johns all the time though. And the one he went to he lied about having a project due LMFAO. And at that tourney I won 3rd bought booze with the tourney money and talked to his ex drunk.

    And we live like... 30 steps from each other its pretty ridiculous.... And I have no idea who I main. I guess Fox or Sheik .. I don't really know anymore LOL

    These are awesome. Sooo mad at Loonz :laugh:

    And yea if you look down, some ******* posted a giant picture on my wall. Thats why hahaha.

    Thats so good LOOOOOL What the foonz LMFAO. One time me and Alan played and he told me that I'm so ahead of him he feels he can't trash talk to me LOL. I of course trash talk him all the time. LMAO those words are just ****en hilarious btw LOL so using one randomly next time I see this ****er.
    He did say something about that haha. Sounds like a ton of fun. If I wasn't Asian and my mother wouldn't kill me for bad grades I might do stuff like that too LOL.

    And if Alan or I had a regular TV I think we'd play every day too LOL
    LMAO and here I thought Alan was just too stupid to resist the hypnotoad.

    And yea its cuz of the drug reference. FOR SHAME
    Well your avatar says obey so I guess I don't really have a choice.

    It is hilariously awesome though :laugh:
    Chicago is such an awesome place to visit *jealous*.

    If I did meet you I would hope its after my horrendous hangover at pound =/

    And yay I'm glad I have fans haha :lick:

    We'll meet one day probably, if not in the MW while I visit hopefully at a big tourney then we can play lots =D
    Haha I've been there twice. Awesome city ^_^

    I might come down again just cuz I like IL and all. I'll let you know if I come down again?

    And thanks I appreciate it and I'll definitely train Alan whenever we both leave our cave of work >_<
    I have played KirkQ. I played him in doubles with ripple at pokefloats. I'm a little insulted you forgot, I was at really high % last stock, killed ripple, and then 0-deathed kirk and he got so pissed he threw his controller
    One of my finest moments!
    dude purdue is top social smash tier, no joke. Probably my favorite place to go to for tournaments, Anthony and Bun^2 run hella good tournies. When you guys had Alan it was a ****ing smasher dream team!
    I talked to Ripple and he expressed interest in going to Purdue so if I do get to go it's probably gunna be SSBO =D
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