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  • Hey I was wondering if you were interested in running spy for the ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge. We can talk on steam about it next time you get on, but all we need is a spy and we have a full team. We need to get the team ready by the 26th though so we have about 2 days. thanks.
    i sorry it took me ages to reply, im on live alot, normally playing mw2, if you played that game you'd be on alot too......i'll add him
    Sweet, yeah, I lost your number too. I'll be in Harrisburg for a bit on Thursday, and I'll be looking like a pimp. Will you be in town then?
    Yummy, we might be able to help you out. You would probably need to get to Eldorado or Raleigh for us to pick you up. If you can't get a ride there, there are cheap buses that'll do it, like $2-$3 max, probably less. 618-253-8761 or 618-252-4662. http://www.ridesmtd.com/saline.htm

    If for some reason the dart thing falls through, text/call and hopefully there'll be room in the carpool.
    Need a ride dude? my trip passes by you're like...maybe an hour out of my way? nothing 10 dollars of gas won't help :)
    **** dude you are pretty far south. I don't know anyone who plays smash near you, and I don't think you are on the way from any big cities :(...Just post up in the thread, good luck man
    hey watsup dude. i am staying at purdue over the summer, so i will be heading there a different way than you :(.

    What city are you gonna be in? Let me know and I can try and hook you up with a ride from some illinois smashers
    No, I live about an hour south, maybe 40 minutes depending on traffic. That's why I haven't gone to that many tourneys and whatnot, they're never really close to where I'm at.
    Wait tommorow as in TODAY, or as in Sunday. 0_o

    *Looks at how far it is on Google Maps* Shiiiiii 2 hours away ?!?!?

    Darn it! It's a little too far away for me to drive there. ;_;

    I thought you lived in Parrish?
    Do you have a date for your next tourney bud? It's been a while and I haven't seen anything.
    sorry it took me ages to reply, im always on xbox live......yeah were planning on going to that, ive only heard that their supposed to be coming to
    oooooooooooooh mmk

    lol no, mai from king of fighters or fatal fury movies, im sure you've seen mai before.
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, i want to see pics, actually ive been thinking about doing mai for a long time, please tell me you know who that is..................................
    ^ ^ im fine, and you, you should have asked kel for it, or asked him for my facebook or something. Also yes were planning on coming up for gamme.........
    Actually, I don't have one either. lol (Yes I'm older than you.)

    I don't go out that much, mostly due to gas, but I might be able to come over in the next "tourney" you host, do you think you'll have one this April?
    Hey bud, I know I wasn't able to come to your last get-together, but could we do a wifi brawl this weekend?
    lol Polmex will beat me up if someone else steals my stuff?What kind of backwards logic is that? JK I know what you meant.

    Unfortuantely I don't think I'll be able to come at all to this particular gathering, stupid scheduling conflicts, I apologize, especially since I haven't had a tournament this close in a while (but it's still 20+ minutes away).
    I see, do you plan on doing any more events/tournaments after this one? I'd like to be able to be at least one before I know whether I fell it would be a good idea to bring my Wii. (BTW, I don't have MK64 on my Wii, it's on my N64, is about to keel over (I have to insert toothpicks into it in-order to get it to run) and the system only has two controllers, so that wouldn't work as an additional system, all too literally XD)
    Yeah MKDD is definitely competitive. But I never heard anyone say that MK64 was anywhere near as broken as MKWii . . . .

    (And about the Wii) I don't know, I have never brought my Wii anywhere period and I'm uneasy about anything at all happening to it, it has over 800+ hours of my saved records on it and I would be devestated if I had to redo most of those games again from the beginning.
    My TV is too big to move. lol

    And also I can't bring my Wii over, it has too many downloads on it for me to feel safe doing so. :( Sorry bud.
    What is tvc? (BTW, if this is just for fun and the setups aren't "assigned" to a specific game, could one of them have MK64 too? I love that one because it's so competitive.)
    I play all three games.

    I prefer Brawl and 64 though because I'm apparently one of the few that doesn't like Melee's gravity, even though I've played Melee more than the other two combined, go figure.

    So how many systems do you think there'll be? Just one will be a ridiculous bottleneck.
    Maybe I'm just not looking enough, but when Saturday is it? No offense but I don't want to wait there all day if it's an evening tourney or come seven hours too late to see the finale. :p
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