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  • Hey man I was wondering how I can get a falcon as fluid as yours... Do you have any tips?
    oof what do you mean Hax never mained falcon

    the hardest /s to swallow
    Dude ur my u=inspiration to play fox man ur amazing and my Hero please keep playing I love watching u play man 20xx
    Hey Hax$, I'm doing a school project over competitive Melee, while hoping this will spark some kind of competitive scene here in Southern Oklahoma. I'm just kind of wanting details about your hand surgery/ anything your doctor might have said to you about it.I would be very appreciative if you would be so kind as to respond, and thank you for your time.
    Hax i know you hate when people say 'why did you leave falcon you're falcons better then you're fox' but why did you drop the character completely????
    Loved watching your falcon, love watching your fox now, and i cant wait till your officially one of the melee gods
    Yo i'm from NYC I want you to train me up in melee I have developed pretty basic tech skill over 10 years of playing. But never been to a tourney. I'm not great but I can develop I live on 3rd st and 2nd ave in Manhatten. I'll pay you to train me 25 bucks an hour to start email me at gabecook44@gmail.com. I'm 23 years old. happy holidays man. Lmk
    Ever thought about making a Fox guide? I wish I could train with you, but New York is so far from Maryland.
    Hey ggs vs Mango!
    I'm curious though, why did you kept fighting on BF? I think Falco has the advantage there, because the platforms set him up more vertical combos. The edge also nerfs your recovery... Falco's too but his already sucks. I suggest you to choose a wider stage so you can abuse Fox's speed better like PS, DL or FD.
    Oh and shine > waveland from the ledge feels safer for some reason.
    hey i was wondering, if there's anything you think you would need to improve on, what would it be? (just like to know what top players think about)
    bro your falcon is scary ;w; i would say i would like to spar with you but im afraid that could be a bit of a lie! >,<
    i think we've all had that idea at one point. it'd be really nice but all the good peeps just kinda stopped caring or something. it's sad but true.

    no worries about "calling me out" though. harsh words but i knew it was just to get your point across, which is a good one btw. most good players at least respect me (apparently some noobs think i could be in the top 10 which is flattering since i normally just get the hate but different story), and yea, shockingly PP is better than me :p

    you got this though!!! one noob at a time.... gl hf lol
    there is a reason most of the "pros" avoid general discussion. so much stupid goes on there. so hard to pick the right battles, especially when defending yourself.

    ps the only other point you forgot in your argument was that me and johnny live in the same reason and play each other all the time so it was basically a free win for him at the time of G2
    Yea it did, my friend plays peach alot and it seems my falcon is my best counterpick to her so need to make sure i stay one step ahead of him. Hope to come back and play more falcon dittos. Best fun I had in a long time
    Hey Hax, dont know if you remember me, I played a few falcon dittos with you at No Johns awhile back, Always lost but still had a load of fun playing you. Anyway was curious with something. I see when you played DOH at the last no johns you used uairs to carry peach across the stage, but when you were off the stage you uair'd again to hit him away instead of using the dair and try for a kill. is it just safer to hit him away rather then go for the Dair or is there other reasons?
    do you throw out your nairs as early as possible or do you delay it? like, when "approaching"?
    what do you usually do after ccing a move? like if fox nairs you and you cc it but he's behind you. dd grab or just run into a good position?
    Hey Hax, I'm kind of researching some lesser played Matchups, so I was wondering if you could talk to me about your game versus Axe at Pound V. As in, what do you need to look for, what should you be focusing on, why did you pick Pokestadium, things like that. Thanks a lot!
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