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  • I graduated from ASU (Appalachian State University) in 2013 summer. Were you part of the smash club?
    I made the smash club, so yes
    where have you gone ? haven't seen you post on the falcon boards for ages
    yeah I definitely can share some insight. but if you're just starting to host, you won't have to worry about the issues that come with TOing a regional-or-larger sized tourney, at least not for awhile. locals are super easy to run on tourney day, it's the organization beforehand including getting people to attend that takes more effort.
    Thanks for sharing that. Bruce Lee is always definite inspiration to the kind of thought processes I use for improving. No limits, always and forever.
    Depends on the post and thread =].

    If I can sure.

    Lemme know what thread/post though.
    @ Marth: Depending on stage and position and some conditioning, it's better to Fthrow for around mid percents or Dthrow sometimes for tech chase/implicit combo reasons. Uthrow is best overall especially at like 70%ish to me because it puts sheik in a really bad position vs Marth(anyone vs marth that position sucks really).

    Lol you can mix in uptilts pretty early in the Dair shines and usually you have to since Sheik DIs in stupid places. From there you try to knock her up and Bair her offstage or Dair her into the ground for tech chases usually. Comboing Sheik is reallllly weird lmao. Dair shines should work a decent amount of the time though but I tend to switch early on since DI is getting silly these days with Uptilt or I steal their jump with Bair or something.
    I lost to Tope at Genesis 2 and HERB 1 and Jubilee 7 and KK at RoM3

    NC Catfish comes from a joke about some girl that one of the rocky mount boys was talkin to and they made a joke she smelled like catfish and it just spread somehow lol.

    Second part may not be accurate but it def came from rocky mount lol.
    And I'm waiting to see you ask PP where Catfish comes from so I can see his answer.
    Longish story short it's about Boss Hog standing in line at an atm and he says it to two thug lookin black dudes as an attempt to socialize with them and they understand what he's saying like it's a common expression and Boss Hog thinks that's crazy and hilarious.
    I've just been in this for a long while, longer than anyone lol.

    It takes a toll on you in a lot of ways. Everyone has to retire at some point, I'd like to do it in a classy way, I'm just figuring out if my time is now or not...
    Haha that's just that playing the good player fear. It goes away if you deal with it long enough hahaha
    pshhhuhh yeah you bet your booty Im interested. I'll have a car, so i can travel, but i dont go on SWF much so it would be best to contact me via FB :D
    This stuff is always better to ask around the time we're actually playing in person so the info is fresh, but I'll try to do this right.

    Knowing what's safe and what's not is mad vague and you might as well throw that out. Safe is what you make of it. Sure defensive is safe until you get hit so I encourage you to condition the opponent so that you're "safe" when you decide to mix your game up.

    CC ***** that, Bair on reaction should **** it, shield shenanigans, FH I guess lol.

    You DD camped too much and didn't profit from it. Use the DD time to get a read and understand why DD is the right option in the first place(if you truly believe it is).
    Lol I'm considering my whole smash career at this point, so it's doubtful that I'll be attending :(
    Apologies, holmes.

    I am a difficult person to play with. I act like I hate advice. Things do not go through my head. I tend to play like a cave man. And then even worse, I become disinterested and start doing stupid **** and ultimately stop playing.

    This is why I have seen no improvement in, like, five years.

    But, no to discredit you. You're good.
    I don't do the sidestep thing much anymore, as its only purpose was originally to guess at when a grab would come. Nowadays, I just jab the moment I think any attempt at escaping from their shield is about to happen to keep them in shield stun.

    Either way, to jab cancel, you jab then press down to cancel the stronger follow up jab, then just jab again. If you wanna sidestep, you simply press R when you decide to press down to do the canceling.

    Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    There are things I deal with that are far, far more annoying.

    Don't hesitate to ask me a question, favor, whatever. :)
    I'll take it Scar wasn't there to sticky it for you hahah xD

    I stuck it for you. Lemme know if I can help with other stuff. I've just been boggled down by life so I haven't been like on as often.
    Haha wow dude that's a legit thread.

    PM Teczero he's on almost every day and mods Melee I'm pretty sure so he can get that stickied in like a day I bet.
    The next time I come back to NC will most likely only be for a short period of time to pick up some of my belongings and see people. I moved to CT for now.

    I won't be going to Apex. ROM4, however... probably. :)
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