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  • Ledgegrabbing Lag: Link (4); Everyone else (8)
    Disabled Regrab Period: ALL (29)
    Ledgegrab Lag + Regrab Lag: Link (33); Everyone else (37)

    Ledge Invincibility: Link (33); Everyone else (37)

    Only Link's is different. His edge catch lag is 4 less which is where the 4 less invincibility overall comes from. The regrab lag means the time between letting go and when you're allowed to grab an edge again.
    CC the first hit then survival di the second so it sends you the opposite direction. So many people don't do it, I hated seeing armada kill pp with dsmash when he often could have lived.
    Ummmm maybe you should ask a mod of the light house or pool room, as I don't know what exactly goes in either of those areas.
    Haha I wouldn't mind, but I'm not always available, so that's why I haven't posted there yet. I'll think about it though.
    A short outline? Whew....I could take a crack at it I suppose.....Not sure when I'd do it though.

    Yeah I saw it. Looks pretty cool.
    Right, because "this is a ftilt" should be in the advanced how to play videos which is separate.
    Different perspective, more like. More tricks sure, but characters in general have new spins on them now(even Marth sort of lol).

    Besides, every character needs one and it would be dumb to omit any.
    Just needs a modern revamp honestly lol. And of course needs to cover at least the top and high tier characters.
    I think this needs to be bounced around the community in general before just releasing it to see what other kinds of ideas could be added to this, but sure it's not bad. This, or advanced how to play character video guides would be great(I learned Falco and Marth because of Overswarm's video tutorials back in the day lol).

    I have no problem with quotes lol.
    I don't quite understand how to calculate hitstun from throws yet. There's some knockback stacking due to two throw hitboxes hitting on the same frame. I'd have to test it in AR or something and I don't have an easy way of controlling two characters. I can attempt it later today I suppose though. As far as I know though, U-Throw Knee combos at a pretty wide range of comboing though. BTW optimal DI is 5 degrees below the horizontal away from Falcon.
    I guess you want it from the falcon side... I can't say too much aside from the obvious. Falcon wins the matchup but luigi has a lot of options when falcon leaves himself open so I can't say a whole lot of "I'll be looking to try this, so avoid this and do that instead". But, You want to know your combos. Falcon is basically the only character that can combo the hell out of luigi. Know when luigi can nair out of a combo out of dthrow at the right percents (just training with someone and having them DI several directions [mostly away] while you hit/throw them is great). If you know luigi can nair out you can obviously beat this and punish also. Use your speed keep luigi guessing and wait until you have good spacing for a safe approach. Just realize that luigi has just as much speed as you do on the ground. You are weakest when you are above luigi. Luigi's dsmash range is ******** and can start/continue combos and force techs sometimes. Try your best not to get grabbed, wait for your opening and combo him to death/offstage. When luigi is offstage, you can pretty much jump out there and uair or knee him whenever you see him side-b, just hit him right out of that before the move ends. If luigi is near the ledge you can ledgehop dair him (invincible is preferred) which is safe and sometimes gets the kill. Do you best to abuse his big weaknesses (his recovery/up-b and his severe lack of aerial mobility) and fully space your approaches.
    Challenging Nair tends to suck unless you like Nair or knee or Bair over top of it. Walling works decently as Luigi has a predictable ground approach and can't move much while airborne. Luigi is also kinda bad at chasing rolls so just know that he can double aerial and time your rolls in tricky ways.

    If Luigi ever side Bs to recover Uair'ing or knee'ing tends to **** lol. Jab can lead to Dsmash punishes on your OOS stuff so be careful if your shield gets jabbed(if he WD jabs then try to roll before he reverse grabs).

    There's probably more but I forgot.
    just went through the vids.

    im the White falco vs Doug that plays on yoshis, then dreamland then red fox on kongo.
    and Im the white falco that loses the falco dittos. the red falco in KM
    The vid you have labeled as "falco vs DK friendlies" is me vs superman. he was really new to the game.

    lol sorry for the confusion, i just play whatever color falco im feeling at the time
    Sweet can't wait for the vids man!

    Haha, and yeah people have hated my Sheik since 03'. When I was a more competitive player in the past I was usually portrayed as the pantomime villain.
    Dthrow -> uair is most certainly not guaranteed. I'm about 99% sure on this :p

    I've never really been good at giving advice, but I'll give it a try.

    Against Samus I just wait for her to jump, it's the best time to catch her with an nair or uair since she's in the air for so long. The only thing to watch out for here is her missiles.

    The best times to attack her is when she is above you (on a platform or in the air). She doesn't have any tools to prevent your aerials if you space them correctly.

    Her ground game is pretty good against falcon. CC dsmash and utilt will beat an nair approach, but be sure to put the pressure on when you get her in her shield. Space your nairs against her shield and she can't really do anything about it. Probably one of my biggest mistakes was doing nair -> knee on her shield. Even though it's really good, she can up-b after the knee while she can't after the nair. So if you can help it, just nair into her shield all day :p

    I don't really know what else to say. Are you playing him at P5?
    I appreciate that, I look forward to meeting you and best of luck to you as well bro!
    grabs are amazing, nair can be cc'd but otherwise *****, uair destroys ganon, spacing wars you generally lose so punish his lag or hit him before he hits you
    Most boards have critique threads already, and others just have videos posted to be critiqued naturally. It's not a big deal and you can make it work either way.
    Ah, what I'm suggesting is you go into character boards where videos are posted and you just critique them. You don't need a thread of your own to do that.
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