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  • Just asking for help: Anyone know how to give a character the ability to wall jump. Either through Hex editing or using a program like crazyhand. How would I find what to edit?
    thanks for providing so much helpful information and frame data for Ganondorf in ssbm, and for being an awesome part of the PM dev team! :D
    Hey, Magus. I just want to thank you for reviving the SSBM competitive community with Project M. Thank you for making an amazing mod.
    I just wanted to thank you for being one of the only PMDT members to ever enter the Zelda threads with helpful information and a spirit for discussion. It's nice to know our princess hasn't been forgotten.
    I'm trying to collect some trajectory data on throws and was hoping you could answer a question for me. I'm cautious about interpreting Jigglypuff's forward throw since it is the only throw that can be smash DI'd. Her throw sends at an angle of 55 degrees and the hitbox sends at 45 degrees. Since her throw can be smash DI’d, does that mean the hitbox is responsible for the trajectory, or is the throw responsible?
    Yeah, it releases first then the hitbox's KB replaces it unless it manages to miss. Also means it's a throw with the KB being affected by weight instead of normalized to act like on a 100 weight.
    So like,

    I've been super curious about this for a while now:

    Who is (Or are.) the main developers of Zelda in the PMDT right now?
    Dear Magus.
    Thank you, seriously. You're a super rad member of the PMBR. Keep working on those techs and debug mode, and do your best!
    What programs and routine do you use to make your frame-perfect gifs? I want to start analyzing standard Marth situations.
    Hey Magus, thanks for posting that link to the knockback database. It was interesting to look over that stuff.
    do you know if there is a frame speed modifier in melee? or if there is a way to reduce the start the start up or cool down of a move with hacking?
    Yo I kinda live in Philly with Vex now. So at any point you'd wanna come over let me know.
    BTW, these are the commands currently identified. Anything that doesn't fall under one of these is currently not possible:
    Synch Timer
    Asynch Timer
    Set Loop
    Execute Loop
    GFX Effect?
    Offensive Collision
    Terminate Collisions
    Sound Effect?
    Bit Variable Set?
    Allow Interrupt
    Generate Article
    Body Collision
    Bone Collision
    Prop Visibility?
    Throw Collision
    Use Item?
    Flash Overlay Effect

    Timings and loops for other commands, GFX, SFX, hitboxes & their KB stats, throw KB stats, IASA, invincibility, and self-damage. That's about it.
    Hi Magus, wondering if you could elaborate on your post from a while ago on the Melee hacking boards. Not sure, but it seems like you're saying that we can do all these things (give invincibility, add IASA, change/add GFX?, etc) to characters and stuff? If you know how (I'm guessing you do), do you think you could elaborate? You can post in the main Melee hacks thread or just my wall/inbox. Thx!
    So basically you're saying that all the characters have the same except Link, because he basically moves faster than everyone else by 4 frames?

    And also, those 4/8 frames are the times where you've caught it and can't do anything else [which is why when you press down as soon as you catch the ledge it won't do anything (?)]
    And the regrab lag is basically saying you could go back right next to the ledge and not grab it again?

    So theoretically you could always have invinc frames while jumping up and down on the ledge?
    Sorry if some of those questions sound dumb, I just like to be absolutely sure when it comes to stuff I want to know :P

    Also, what color is your posts?
    Double also, is this true?
    Does every character have the same amount of invinc frames when they catch the ledge? Or is it different for each character?
    hey what's going on with the third gif in your sig? the stomp -> fair that does like 150% damage
    Someone mentioned in the thread for the mod I'm working on something about a Smash 64 DI code you made for Brawl. Any chance I could get this code? I'm having trouble finding it.
    You're a smart guy. I'm learning the finer details of Melee, and I have been looking for things like frame data for ledge options (including invincible ledge wavelands), shield stun, frame (dis)advantage on block, and detailed mechanics on powershielding. If you would happen to know where I could find related information, I would very much appreciate it.
    It's been so long. =[ I'm hosting again, but the venue is kinda of far from you. It's about two miles from where I live now.
    Yo magus. I want to know EVERYTHING Ganon and the marth MU next time we play =]

    Hopefully we play sometime soon, gotta get the rust off man!!!
    Hey. I will have a tournament in Philly, on the 13th of November. I don't know if you'd be interested. : D I'd like to play your Falcon again. : D It's soooo on point haha.
    Hey Magus, do you remember where the Peach CG info is? (The one with percents and uthrow->dsmash stuff.) I'm being lazy and don't want to look for it if you can pull it from somewhere easily. If you don't know where it is quickly, that's fine; I'll sift through the Peach boards.
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