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    :O hi
    That's the j00t chant right there. Come back to florida so we can scream JOOT! JOOT! JOOT! JOOT! JOOT! While you body people.

    I don't know man I just randomly hit you up because you're a beast.
    Hey I'm looking for some people to play with online. Here is my code: 0817-3549-6481. Add me and we can play sometime : D.
    Yeah he's in my pool!
    And from watching Darkrain I definitely learned not to commit so much like he did. [talking about nair->knee on shield]

    But thanks, I appreciate it
    I need all the help I can get, considering I have almost 3 pros in my pool :/
    I know I just had to critique you

    But I have IHSB in my pool
    And if anyone can help me it's you

    Do you have any tips fighting Samus? Anything at all is useful.
    I know that dthrow->uair is almost guaranteed, but other than that not much.
    hey man awesome playing/meeting you this weekend. your such a funny guy man you made me smile and life alot even when i was trying to focus in our mm lol. your falcon is pretty solid i can see you rising if you put in the work! i cant wait to see how much you improve next time we play. your combos on sheik are nasty! good stuff bro :)
    Any of the mods in the tournament listings room.

    Just check the bottom right corner of the main tournament listings forum to see all of them and ask about it.
    Mind uploading the FAP results to allisbrawl? I want my medals lolololol
    You're j00t right? I live in Nashville during school and been trying to get in the tourney scene in surrounding areas (like Huntsville) real soon. Just waiting for the right time. I've heard about the Fap series you're trying to hold really soon. Just wanted to know if you plan on that being an ongoing series. If so, how often? Hope the tourney is successful.
    oh. before i forget. 2 things.
    1) you can either ask like, mike g or another atl south mod to stick the thread, cause i've honestly NEVER been a fan of sticks


    2) ask me again at the end of may.

    Having a thread stuck for 3 months is overkill imo.
    You oughta browse around in Arkansas smash chat. There's some new vids up of all the smash you alabamians are missing on these smash fests we hold here :x
    as long as someone brings a microwave there will be nachos...I've been told someone is bringing a microwave for me =D!
    Hey I'll critique your videos later since I have to sleep soon; it's almost 4 A.M here in US, California.

    Go watch my trailer in the video disscussion board for sub forum Combo Videos.

    the name of it is 09-09-09 "AN-INTER-DIMENSIONAL COMBO VIDEO" -Trailer-
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