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  • yea i live like right down the street from stairways i just havnt been going lol we can play tho
    well, i gave you the reasons why.

    Alot of times, people want to say it's because of the amount of people in an area, but that really doesn't have too much to do with it.
    You dont talk to any of the tennesse players? There're plenty of em, although i don't know any TN brawl players (or i dont think i do, atleast)
    yup. MGA is notorious for not having anything.

    I'm helping to build a small fighting game community in warner robins, and if i land a position on swf i'm gunna wind up doing some more for smash (both melee .... and brawl :/) but the area is really horrible cause of

    1) lack of places to get people together
    2) lack of people willing to practice, learn, travel, and compete
    3) lack of worthwhile tourneys in the area to bring people here.
    It's one thing that I avoid brawl, but im not touching + or -. If you know some people that play melee I'd go, but other than that I might have to pass on that.
    I am planning for it to be an ongoing series. The next one will probably be in December, during the winter school break.

    I hope to see you there :)
    Yea, I didn't make this one either... Long story. But they're pretty chill there, and its always a good time. KO, the host, is a nice dude and does a good job.
    hey you lookin for some players in middle ga
    chech out this channel
    got cool smash vids and hes always lookin to play people and is part of a network of players in GA
    should check it out if interested
    maybe add as a friend worth it for the cool smash vids alone but can find players too
    hit it up
    No prob. There are only an extremely small amount of smash players in middle GA, and even less of them play melee. I'll send you a pm. Legendary Games is a great place to play locally if you want.
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