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  • FUQ RICI BEAT ME TO IT. But yeah good stuff on the commentating. It was amazing to see you on at the same time with Skisonic. Bringing us closer! ;D
    Nice job on the commentating dude. You and Prague(spelling? lol) were the best to listen to.
    You don't know me, but I've heard your commentary before and I just have to say that I think you're one of the most eloquent commentators I've ever heard on anything, and that people who complain about your commentary don't really appreciate poetry.
    LOL How the **** am I supposed to know that can't you have some notification saying you're at work or something?!?!? Like I know your schedule. HARUMPH I SAY. HARUMPH.

    Ah, that's respectable. I went to Rom3 and stuff. Played Kirby Kaze. Lost. Of course. I lost all my sets (but I did get one match but still alkd;fasjef;lksadj)

    I need to work on actually WINNING. I think I'm getting better but I'm no closer to winning a damn set in tournament. (meaning against someone who may be a little better than me)

    I played Waffles and Hugs. I got really sick from that damn tournament.

    Now I'm going to try some secondaries. Falco, and Jiggs. Mostly falco. But I'll always go Doc first...

    Err, what games do you have for xbox live? I have more gaems.

    Btw are you going to Pound 5?
    So what are you doing with life? I aim you and you don't say ****. *****, talk to me.

    You are a really cool guy don't let me down cuz of dumb **** ad;skfajads;klfj
    I noticed that a lot of the character boards have character match-ups threads, except Roy so as a mod could you or someone knowledgeable in the subject of Roy make one? I would really like to read over such a thread so I can further educate my self on the subject, as I do not know much about Roy.
    Wait you mean posting from the room on SWF? That doesn't actually work.

    You have to post it from the Smash News site (you get a link from your profile). A thread gets created in the SWF room, that's actually only done to manage replies easier. :D

    Hope that answers your question. :x
    Thank you for markng the start of the match on the Sako vs Makoto vid.

    LOL I thought it would be funny if you actually got thanked for that.
    I do actually lol. Really cool people. I just wanted to see if I could get the kind of activity of the TN scene over in middle GA while I'm here for the summer haha. Unlikely. The Tennessee scene is really active too. Not only in Smash but in other games too.
    That sounds hopeful bro..seems like Warner Robins is at least a tad bit better than Macon with the video game scene in general. And stay in touch homey. You seem cool. I mostly stay in Nashville by the way. That's where I attend school
    But realistically, if I can't get those few people together. Then hey we can just eff the whole idea. Gah..I hate the Middle GA scene. I hate the middle GA everything actually. Too small and boring.
    Actually..Brawl+ or Minus. I'm good at Melee but I don't have it lol. And how about Wednesday next week at Stairway Toys if that's cool. I'm going to try to get some more people together.
    Hey dude. I'm back in Georgia for the summer. Macon, GA to be exact. Wanted to know if you'd be down to play some smash or something this month.
    Im just a competitive smasher from North Georgia. I figured it would be alright to add the important smashers in Georgia to my friends. I also saw you at HERB3. You have some great commentary! :D
    1) The game's balanced? So, I won't be seeing super fireball bros with Daigo winning every tourney under the sun?
    2) Hakan is more viable as a grab character than Zangief, Abel, and E Honda? Or is this just a "Hakan could win @ a regional" sleeping?
    3)Dan now has the ever broken fadc ultra, but methinks that doesn't make him any less janky. Or does it?
    But aren't you technically losing pride for manhandling a joke grab character like Hakan?

    That should be a violation of human rights. Then again, it could have been Dan.
    I hope you detected the sarcasm in my previous VM. I sincerely apologize if you lost any sleep over this thread. I know if I were in your shoes, I would be making heads roll.

    I have tried my darndest to be a model citizen for the AS, but I'm not certain what else I should do to help. Any ideas?
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