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  • :p

    I want to go to the Steamworks in Chicago at some point and see what the bathhouses outside Toronto are like but I've never even been outside the palace walls!

    And, yeah, I'm kind of cute... sometimes... :p
    dude I didn't see you on the big house registration list.. are we still gonna be able to team?
    You're right! I was just playing with a friend earlier and realized I'd totally forgotten to mention wiggling out of tumble just to be able to land upright on the ground! That's one place were it seems extremely useful to me, since not needing to tech is a much more desirable options in these kinds of situations, I think. Does that make wiggling more useful generally? I guess I'm just wondering what are the most obvious SORTS of situations where, after being hit hard by good moves, wiggling is a better option than straight DIing or DIing and then trying to nair or whatever. (I do know it's helpful to wiggle before if you get pushed off the very edge of a platform into tumble onto the ground below

    djc land from tumbles does seem like it'd be good as a surprise maneuver, but that one's harder for me to wrap my mind around it. I guess I could see instances of it being useful, but it's a very specific and difficult thing to do out of tumble, isn't it? Eh, I don't know.
    The only reason to wiggle out of tumble you didn't mention was to land without needing to tech. Though djc land from tumble is somethin I have been fooling around with...

    Djc landing vs. Wavedash info dump is forthcoming. Need some time to type that up :)
    Checked the wiggling stuff and you can nair out of tumble at the same time regardless of wiggling or not. Mashing just makes it more likely to time it right. From what I've observed, wiggling does allow you to use b moves more quickly. You can also jump out of tumble as long as you aren't also in hitstun, so wiggling doesn't affect that. I can't tell how much tumble affects your aerial maneuverability... I'll get back to you on that.

    I've actually started to stay in the tumble state longer than hitstun to bait sloppy combos which I punish via nair or uair. People who are really set on certain cheese combos won't always notice you drifting in tumble (which is a clear sign that you aren't in hitstun). Also DJ to float when I'm tumbling close to the ground and they're expecting to be tech chasing. Hawt! Peach2good at combo breaking.
    hey sorry for pestering but i was wondering what you meant when you associated me winning the tournament/watching my matches with senseless *****iness? lol...cuz i dont get it...
    Hmm.. that depends on how much we get to play together. I think I heard Logan saying he was gonna team w/ soul so I guess I'd be up for it (I'm kinda sucky at dubs though heh).
    Oh sweet =D. Logan me james and soul have been going to ohio for smash the past 2 weeks. funnest time at smashfests everr. beat james and soul and even went 2-0 vs logan in gf, but choked game 3 and got salty on kongo (sooo close and much presure. lost 2-3 heh). Hope to see you soon dude!
    shiiiiiiiiiii~~ my bad for taking a while to respond. I really appreciate you goin outta your way to say anything about my commentary. It's gotten to the point of where I'm to get myself in order enough to go out and specifically do commentary now.

    And yeah, I honestly don't know you (no offense), but I've seen your name float around the boards somewhere. Please don't think that I'm some high and mighty person. That's the last kinda thing I want.

    Thank you!!!
    for sure, I'll hit you up when I get in...prolly won't smash for first couple days, but it'd be sweet to plan something.
    YO man. Im gonna be in MA this month, Id like to melee :D. I wanna get in touch with all the boston smashers.
    awwwww ******s you're in MA?
    Hit me up if you wanna play, we get together generally twice a week to play
    One easy way to practice techskill is trying to chain fc-nairs as fast as you can. Armada does it a lot in between stocks, even in tournament matches.
    For shield pressure, I recommend you play against a cpu lvl 1 with starman set on very high. The invincibility gained by starman makes hitting the invincible lvl 1 computer similar to hitting a shield (in terms of lag). Practice mixup with fair-jab, fair-dtilt-jab-dsmash, fcnair-dsmash etc. until you got the timing right.
    Peach is mainly about spacing though, and that's not something you can practice on your own. Check out as many Armada videos as you can adn try to understand for instance:
    1. Why doesn't he get hit when he recovers with the umbrella?
    2. Why does he always land his fairs/dtilt-setups?
    The easy answer is: "he reacts as fast as possible to when his opponent makes a move, thus waiting as long as possible for the move to be made." In reality, of course, it's a little more complicated.
    Hope it helped =) good luck!
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