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  • It's a joke. I like the G major key signature and F major pronounced in a Spanish manner sounds funny.
    For sure, PM me right before you come. I'm new to the area and live kind of on the outside of it all, but I don't mind. ^^
    Actually there is a manga, anime and VN of the series lol

    The manga is pretty good too
    They probably will, I'm hoping they release the next game in the series this year because Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth was an awesome game. IMO (and most other people) the 2nd game was the weakest. (it was still pretty good)

    I like the flashback trials and when you play as Maya. Apollo Justice is my 2nd favourite after T&T.

    You should check out Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (made by the creator of PH) and here is a trailer if you're interested:


    You should definitely check out those 2, excellent games!
    Yeah, I own and have beaten all of the games. Waiting for the next one in the series...

    My favourite one is T&T cause you get to play as Edgeworth on defence when Phoenix falls down that bridge trying to save Maya.
    i know what you mean about getting marth fluid. Dude you need to search on youtube SS vs Dark Mike. It just got uploaded by HMW. Hmm, let me just find it for you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQinl-F0Vjs

    Fluid is exactly how I would describe SS in this. Although, I guess it's really just from all the wavelanding. ANyway, this video is pretty impressive.
    I main Captain Falcon as well. After watching "Silence" (the Silent Spectre combo video) I started playing green falcon. Right now I'm trying to get better with all of the high tier characters (Fox, Falco, Marth, but probably not Shiek) Who is/are your main(s)?
    I live on Oahu. =/

    If you ever come here, the scene is good. I don't know when I'll be going to the Big Island next. Are you from Hilo?
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