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  • Blu Liiiiiiiiink! You live! :3
    What up Ano!
    Getting off WiFi and going to tournies, that's what. Two tournies in the past two weeks and stuff. 13th out of 21 in my first tourney (and that after winning two sets where ppl tied with me won 0 lol) and the second one I got what looks like 9th place out of 32. :3 What're you up to? :)
    Nothing much. Been playing a lot of Melee with friends and been to two Melee tournaments so far and I'm lined up to attend two more in the next two weeks. And then I'm going to Zenith in June!
    loool okay, my bad dude.

    I was just browsing and thought it was odd, I finally pronounced it in a spanish accent
    blu, seriously.....you're killing us...ALL of us......just leave this place alone.
    ...He just got off a little while ago...

    Missing each other by 5 minutes twice in a row ftl.
    so i've thought about putting up videos and seeing where i can end up on the link boards tier list. i know wifi doesnt mean much, but how would you compare me to other links? and did you notice any major flaws in my game? sorry if im bugging you im just trying to get better lol.
    well good games guy. we'll have to rematch sometime. i actually play TL some too, but im assuming you hate him along with most other link mains, so i decided to go link every game lol.
    ok man im ready. my warm ups didnt go to well but eh, i dont think i can win anyway :dizzy:
    soooo you wanna start on smashville? and how do you want to do counterpicks? you just wanna set your stage option to loser pick?
    yeah when i saw i faced you i was like :urg:
    i wont be much of a challenge lol. but i at least kinda want to warm up first or something. plus i just got on and i got some computer things to do. i can probably play you within the hour though :)
    nah it's just that i haven't been playing very much brawl lately
    actually i don't think i've played brawl in like 2 or 3 months
    honestly, i think i would just be posting stupid stuff and spam on the boards so i decided not to
    i still check up once in a while though

    i've been a lot more active in the melee scene around my area and haven't really been to any brawl tournaments. i'll be back once i start going again ^^
    I've been busy with stuff. I haven't been on much because I went to go march in Obama's Inaugural Parade. My smash status is also on hiatus because my friends don't play it much anymore...
    I might be free, I'm not sure at the moment. Wow you'll be done with all your homework by then? O_O I wish my homework took that long (finishing by 11pm is a good day for me)
    Rock Band 2? Awesome i have number 1. Heh how did you get LoZ shirts? I didn't even know they make it. >_< Cash...nice..how much?
    Zomg it's Blu. I don't post much, but I read alot. In Nintenjoe's guide thread, you said for anyone from NJ to pm you.. I'm actually from Canada! o: but I'm -NEAR- NJ :p If you'd like to Wifi sometime, I'm up for it. (I usually wear blue as well, but I'll put on something else just for your namesake.)

    Edit; just read you don't really wifi. Haha. Well if you only kinda wifi, or don't, I dunno. My ditto offer stays! :p
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