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  • I disagree. I've disagreed since you started trying to get every little n00b who posted there to go to AiB instead. For most of them, their just trying to browse the forum and get introduced to Smash at all, while you were pulling them into a full-scale "SWF vs AiB" style war. I think you've scared away as many n00bs as you've brought in.

    I understand (and always have) that you do believe you are doing the right thing. That's fine. But perhaps you'll understand my--and what seems to be more and more everyone else's--perspective as well.
    Btw I'm not trying to personally attack you here. But this is my honest-to-goodness opinion of what you are doing.
    Kk, I'll PM you with a shorter version of the write-up I finished soon. Probably later tonight.
    Yeah I guess so though I do check in some days but there's not much things to post about, especially since the matchup thread is apparently still doing IC and not to mention all my school work, I barely have time to log on here.
    Have you been trying to mess with Xyro? :p

    I was thinking Snake > Spongebob actually. Bwahahaha.
    As much as i like AiB, i will not be joing you guys unless its to ask questions that cannot be answered at SWF. What you guys have done will forever hurt the link population untill you realize that SWF is where ALL characters grow. Its the place where ALL characters learn new techs and just flat out get better. The days when u guys were "forced" to leave are over. I recommend you people come back.

    As for legan, ive played the guy offline and online and yea i will be talking to him ALOT. IMO hes the best there is.
    It's the exact same thing, with a 100x more complex controller scheme.

    Also Doop Walk > Pivot Walk, unless you have extreme control of your analog stick.

    (aka: Doop walk is easier, both are exactly the same)
    i'll msg u again incase u dont check ur aib often lol

    we have a match to do for swf low tier tourney

    LMK when :)
    we havea day
    Haha =P, and you'll have it for a month too xD.

    Also I went to my first Smashfest on Friday. What did I learn? Hmm...well I got wrecked LOL.

    everything is going wrong for me -_- i don't have my wii power adapter so I can't do **** with my replays...but before that happened I sent my replays to a friend and he hasn't uploaded them yet >_<

    Fox's laser. infinite time. Stale it to the max. Pretty sure you can then do %'s 1 by 1. If not, try a slow pummel. (I'm thinking MK or G&W) and stale that to oblivion. Falco's laser may also work.

    But you'd need 3 controllers. :x
    sasook you are very right... I'll post something in that thread to let them know about it.

    It's calmed down a little, but even then it's so busy. Most of the discussion in there isn't sticky-worthy anyways
    Thanks a bunch. =)

    Haha, like 2 days ago. It's sorta an inside joke since people sometimes accidentally type that (and some people just call me that regularly).
    I'll change it back later.
    Yeah, I know. I just like pointing out incorrect statements.

    I bet $10 he didn't properly test.
    Deva's just sort of been busy with work and stuff, he's having trouble finding consistent time and money to smash as much lately =(

    I'll go see what I can do on the Link boards
    There is a reason why it's 55:45 Port 4 for Snake dittos.

    Port 4 = During a grab, if a grenade goes off. You DO NOT RECIEVE KNOCKBACK but you will take damage

    Port 1 just gets the "if you grab first, you'll get the grab" which isn't nearly as important in Snake dittos.

    Port 4 can make or break a tech chase as Snake. So having Port 4 is a must.

    It's the first port I plug into for matches, and I always RPS for it if needed.

    So far, 4-0 in RPS situations. Haven't lost.

    RPS = Rock paper scissors
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