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  • Did I really not reply?
    Dude, I was thinking. If you really said something meaningful, and I had deep-seated biased to overcome, would you really expect a reply from me within a day? That would not be knee-jerk? Just questions to ask.
    I'm thinking about this. I really don't know why the idea of the Links having left pisses me off. I've seen the stories, and now I can't judge them. Yet the even still pisses me off. So I don't know who I'm blaming. The mods, I guess? Or the fellow who ran the second tier list; I'm not sure how large a causal role he played.
    Chill, and let me do the same.
    No, the private message that I sent you in reply to yours was a spit in your face. And that was to have no ambiguity that there was a grave judgment in what I was saying.
    The previous message I left you here is just me trying to wrap my head around the magnitude of the act the Links undertook.
    Yet, sure - give me the full version of what happened. (Might as well use my PM box for that one.)
    Because leaving was cowardly.
    And it was cowardly because the motives for it were cowardly.
    The group had rather run from moderator nazism, than stay here and just wait for the drama to end. They invented the notion of their persecution - which speaks volumes about the ego of whoever got that motion started, and the impulsiveness of unchecked Humanity.
    Last, you should come back because you should undo what was wrongfully done.
    Awesome. I'm going to check it out right now if it made 9 pages. xD

    Yeah, poor Ano. It's a sad part about doing stuff for a board, sometimes and most the time, you don't get rewarded for your efforts or praised for them. He's a cool guy, I feel kinda bad that he left. All that means is I have to try harder to try to learn Link, and hopefully be able to understand Link etc. so I can actually be useful in matchup discussions. >.<

    Brawl+ doesn't really make me hate Brawl, Melee does that. To me, Brawl+ is just a fun version of Brawl, nothing more then that. I can switch between the two really easy, unlike Melee and Brawl where I feel like absolute crap when I try to play Brawl again.
    About Ganon? I might check that out to see why, haha.

    I knew Ano was quitting soon, but man. Now we lost like, the only source of our information from AiB. Well, Deva posts sometimes, but still. Down one spot? As in, the worst? He isn't THAT bad IMO.

    random side note, Link+ is supa awesome. L-canceled dairs <3
    I Know =[ i mean i still play link but i just go to tourney with snake no... he has gotten me higher tourny placings and uve gotten really good wuth him at tourny friendlies i always with link i will alywas love link he's my number 1 guy and main but snake... i've gotten really good and im going to a tourny next week to prove it at least top 5 son! lol but yeah srry man =[

    look at my aib page link is there as my first main =] http://allisbrawl.com/profile/Princz15.ai

    i still have link number 1 still play him and everything just put alot of more time into snake =/

    I hope that you sasook is still ****** i love your link... agains srry i told number1zeldfan same thing =/
    Well that's nice and all, but just because you say it doesn't mean it is at all true. Link can get gimped so hard core, and so easily.
    in that case since your doing the Link tier list move me up or i'll kill you

    and go to tourneys
    I dunno...

    I guess they would be if you are truly just trying to leech the newbies, but if you say you're trying to help them, then that might be different. :D
    I think I saw that thread before while lurking the Marth boards, someone posted a link to it. :p
    Wow, that's pretty crazy. What happened to Aurashade? (I think that was the name)
    Besides Link, who do you use, btw?
    I saw it being discussed on one of the later pages of the social thread and just kinda assumed you talked about this place from time to time.

    I have to say that the Link AiB boards are the best character boards on the whole site. All the other ones are pretty sad. lol.
    I noticed that when ever I go there and look around. It's scary how organized everything is.

    I wish I had a solid main so I could have a place to post in. :( It just doesn't feel right posting in say, the Pika boards to answer a question and then never post again...lol. I mostly post in dead places or places where you don't matter as a member. (GBD, Tactical)

    btw, it doesn't bother me or anything like that, but why do you guys still discuss SWF over at AiB? Is there a reason or is it just fun or that? :laugh:
    I don't even go to character boards (to post in at least, mostly just if I want to read a guide or look for info) so I have close to no idea of the mods in their respective rooms, haha.
    lol @ ghost mods

    Huh. It must be hard being and admin or heck, even a mod. Unless you're loved. <3
    Well, you have to consider that SuSa mods the place (along with I believe Snake), not Buzz or any other mod/smod/admin that really doesn't have a specific board to mod.

    I guess you could look at the current general discussion thread and say that it's basically what keeps the board alive now, much like the tier list thread did. If you really wanted to get into it, I could say that you're like an angry mod trying to get the thread closed.

    btw, AiB got new rules, right? I never knew that you guys didn't even get infracted. o.O
    Yeah, Ganon boards have theirs back, but it doesn't matter now because you guys are over at AiB. See, if you guys were still here, you could just ask a mod if you can get one up, and then it'd be a yes or no answer--if you got a no, I would ask why, and then work on the reason why they say no. (instead of whining and crying about it)


    You guys got yourselves into it and then pretty much went crazy afterwards. I don't think Buzz just randomly decided to make a whole board move to another website one day. As for the being fine w/o a mod, that's not true. :) Your guys' method of telling people that the thread is in the wrong place etc. was just to completely flame the hell out of them.
    I think you're confused. General threads have been around in every board for quite a while, and are general discussion. Look at any other board. The tier list thread got closed because it was about members.

    If you don't like the boards, why do you still stick around and talk about them? After all I have seen, my personal conclusion is that you are the ones that gayed yourselves, not the admins. Grow up.
    Maybe it's not to expand his metagame directly? You guys pretty much handle the metagame, and like I've said before, there really is no use in trying to make it happen on our own. I haven't talked to him about this, but it'd be my guess that a general discussion may attract people (it already has, whether they are serious about Link is debatable) and expand the boards.

    If you have a problem with it, just voice your concerns to SuSa. I can only guess on why he did it etc. Maybe that helped?
    No. You stand by what you want, I'll stand by what I want. And I want to be here for the little time that I have to help out the boards. If you have a problem with the boards, then either talk to the mods or post.
    I made one for the Snake boards - and people will keep asking for one. Figure it may help with the spam in more (less) important threads.

    Sites change, social/general threads were allowed for a while. Then people started spamming everywhere, not just on those threads. So the mods got stricter and eventually we closed all the social/general threads.

    It helped the problem for a while, but enough asking for social forums for the regional area finally got social threads back for the other boards.

    I also need to go see why the Ganon Tier List is open. Need to PM Buzz about that one.
    I care enough to keep spam out.

    Also yes, I deleted the thread.... make sure it won't return. :p

    I mod the Snake boards now, and during the Summer I -may- try again on the Link boards.

    I tried, I failed. So...yeah.
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