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  • Aww, sorry to hear that. D:

    Well in all fairness, the reason you're placing higher with Snake and have gotten so much better with him is because he's flat out just a better character. lol

    It's like....to win with Link, you need to put in a ton more effort than with Snake, because Snake is good, and Link sucks.
    Well, I quit Brawl a while back and stuck with Melee...switched mains back and forth, but finally settled on staying with Doc...I run my own forum for Melee-ers now...

    So, how's life been treatin' ya?
    Haha, I just read through your M&G thread...good times...good times...

    And btw, no, I have no intention to quit life anytime soon :B
    Lol wow i see did not realiz such a thing was happing. As for my link play i mainly play him for fun i cant pull off all of his tricks such as quick draw and DASE or the dash to a sliding up smash. I would love to see link a lot better then he is now but nothing big such as being able to have small effecs added on to him such as being able to simply put the bomb down when your on the grown. I main zss and sheik / zelda and from time to time play link when i am in a good mood lol.
    Letting you know that the entire Link Boards have moved to All is Brawl to avoid the gay mods of this place. The best Links are now only over there. Just letting you know.
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