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  • Yo, I'm new to the area. Are there any places smashers meet up around here? And do you now if there are any upcoming tourneys. Also, is there a regional thread or facebook group?
    Yeah Stroudsburg usually has weeklies/bi-weeklies. There's one on the 23rd called Tech Chase 4, look it up on Facebook. Also look up Uchi Games on Facebook and like that group.
    Awesome Thanks man!
    Yo Lawz I'm not sure if I can count on you, but I need your help with a little project.
    Lay it on me
    wasn't me, it was Izaw

    oh, actually it was me, I think I called you Friday to see if you were free...which you weren't =P

    Nasty came over instead =)
    fun, well organized, actually ran on time. It was all sponsored and fancy and everything, with background music and a "DJ" kinda announcing stuff, mostly for Madden. One of the candidates for Philadelphia governor came and talked (you know you're behind in the polls when you're appealing to the competitive gaming population) and the only problem was when 2 of the Madden people apparently got into a fight. The overall sponosor had to yell at them which was pretty funny.

    I took Pyronic Star to game 3, all of them were 1 stock med-high percents, got friendlies with m2k/ally, and watched NL destroy Lain with Lucas, though lain messed up a lot of chaingrabs. I had to leave earlier than I thought so I didn't get to play Squall or Ninjalink =(

    "so far as i know" means "I have no idea and I haven't mentioned this to my dad yet" Go do that :bluejump:
    Your DI was great as always. One thing my thumb can't do quite yet is SDI as well as I could before, not that I was great then either.

    Today, I'm officially eligible for a senior license. Go find a tourney that isn't in a bad part of NJ =P

    okay. we'll prob still be hangin this friday, so we'll figure it out then. i'll try to let you know asap what we're doin.

    So Derek injured his thumb. wtf is wrong with our crew? lmao

    Any tournaments comin' up?

    Yea my bad. You were doing the singles ladder when I changed the title to "Is that Lawz I see!?" and I felt better about myself by playing random bad teams
    xD I'm not quitting Smash or anything. I'm just not posting and visiting character boards as much as I used to.
    Link is far superior to Ganon

    Ganon is superior to Falcon though IMO, but still, Link is MUCH better then Ganon
    People are idiot's and I don't bother explaining anymore, I just flame when they talk about Bowser because very few people should be allowed to speak of the character, and that is the Bowser player son this site.
    My parents hate Jersey City for some reason lol. It'll be a lot harder to get them to take us to that than TGP even if it's better =(
    Yup. Pretty bull****. I just can't fathom how they ban Sonic and allow Ike then, lol. As if any Sonic has every outperformed any Ike.

    The LBR Requires your assistance!

    Please check in at the Link Back Room to see our current projects and objectives.
    Oh that's good xD

    I thought he was banned from the internet or something. Guess he'll be visiting the Link xat soon
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