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  • Maybe we need to be online at the same time... do you have MSN? If so, add me: marcelosmnunes@hotmail.com

    I also have AIM but I don't use it too much. Actually, I don't know how to use it properly hahaha but I can give a try. My Screen Name is TheRobotMike
    8277 7577 2629 3527

    Btw, iirc, you'll be possible to send me only two replays. You have three, right? After sending two, change your Wii's date and send the other. ;)
    Hey Fishy!

    What's your Wii Number? I'll get mine now, but I think I won't have time because we live far away from each other and it'll probably take a little time for the Wii's registration. If not possible today, tomorrow for sure. :]
    Hey thanks for having me over. It was really fun playing smash with you and the others. Great ROB!
    Looks like no. I'm so pissed, my mom said I could a few months ago and when I remind her that I need an answer now (like a few days ago), she's like "no, how can I trust you to go when you have a C in Trig right now?"

    -_- ridiculous
    I just don't want to have any trouble. I'll send the request for Queen Killjoy at night, i'm a little bit busy now >.<
    Try to get a ride to Road To Viridian instead of TGP.

    MD/VA, NY, NJ, West Coast, and Mid-West will all be at Road to Viridian. If you can't then that's ok but my point is that this would be far better.
    Happy *counts fingers* six-day-early birthday! =) You know, before I forget. I tend to be forgetful. =_="
    lolno Each class is like an hour and a half. So I get like 45 minutes for lunch.
    Yeah 4 classes.

    And you only have academics for half the year. Like, this semester I have Math and English, but then next semester I have Science and History. That's pretty much how my school goes.
    That's pretty awesome. I have 4 classes a day instead of 8 and one of them is gym so I get to run around for 1/4 of my day.
    Lol Why did you get out so early?
    My school day pretty much ends at like 2:10. I know Cam said Parkland ends later.
    just wondering if there's a chance me and cam might be able to ride with you and your parents to the tourney?
    Yo you up for some more smashy tonight?

    Respond by text/call. I'm getting off of here.
    Hey I posted that Ken vs. PC Chris vid in the LoCal discussion. I said it seemed almost primitive. Oh and yes that video won silver at tournies this past year.
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