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  • they said you had the sd card and that you need to contact them about it, or put the vids in the dropbox so that they can upload it.
    Alright man, thanks for giving me the opportunity, wont let you down <3

    I'll probably try and wear my white hollister hoody with blue lettering, I'm sure it will be easier for me to find you though haha. I'll be at the venue kind of early I am assuming since clowsui is housing my car.
    Going to be honest im an average player. Just figured id ask since no one responded to your first post asking for a teamate.
    idk if you are going to see it because it's already a few pages back from when you posted but..

    Anyone wanna team with a :wario:
    Yo dyno u want to team bb?

    I main :snake: now though. Dunno if you remeber me from when i used to post in the wario boards.

    Working hard on making Cincinnati this weekend and I heard you were interested. There's more than one car's worth of interest and I'm trying to figure out how I can get two cars up there instead of cutting it at five (and consequently cutting me). I need there to be a second driver as my car can't make it, but if I can get one and put 3-5 people in it, then I've got housing in Ohio for Friday night.

    Tell me what your status is so I can get this planning stuff started.
    Aww. Well, I guess that makes my decision of whether or not to drive up myself on Saturday a bit easier, haha. Ah well. See you guys there.
    Hey, when are you guys headed up to Charlotte and when are you headed back? If you guys are leaving and will be in Clemson around 6:00ish or later I might be able to catch a ride, depending on when you guys plan on leaving after the tourney (mostly, are you going back that night or going to stay Sunday morning too).
    @_@ I just asked him and he changed his mind. When are you guys going? Friday or Saturday morning?
    That 2 frame goodness! I'm glad I didn't get to taste the waft! That money match was too fun!! We'll definitely have to do it again at BBC.
    Hey =D

    I got Jason Zimmerman'd and got second >_> It was 6-0, but several matches were last stock last hit with various characters. I felt pretty good about my performance, but I mean... I didn't feel particularly accomplished, ya know?

    Hope to actually play you soon though; I'll hopefully go to BBC or something else soon
    lol what video was this? i think ur talking about where max goes around just randomly interviewing ppl but I wanna see it XD
    I'll let you know if I can go tomorrow for sure before you guys leave, but text me at 678-910-8096 if you need to contact me
    Im gonna have 2 tournies 1 regular 1 in Feb and a BIG 1 in March 2 weeks after WHOBO Seibrik and CO will come If u all will. How does that sound?
    idk wish he would of maybe he'll come to the turny i want u to go to just one more reason for u to go. oh and u should mess around with warios bike its tires are good for combos i noticed u dont use it alot and u didnt kill me with any wofts thats all ur air camping is prety good tho
    u should try really hard to come to it its going to be a prety big turny m2k might come so im sure ppl will come just tto play him lol
    hey come to this so i can remach u AtlSouthXS & V1CE Presents: Game Reapers!!!
    true i think i like frigget tho it seem smaller then sv might try yi tho that sounds good to thanks
    i dont have aim or skype i have to use my ps3 onlything i can go on is smash boreds and aib:(
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