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  • Question: what do you think of ac fair in neutral against marth as sheik? I read a post on your blog that talked about it against spacies, and that has been incredibly useful, but it is harder for me against Marth's disjoints, it feels like he can push me backwards with sh fair/double fair and get stage control.... Thoughts?

    Btw, you're blog is great :) very insightful
    Use it sparingly vs. marth. It's really good if he respects it, allows you to control space and use dashing back/forward afterwards as a threat. It's better if they DD more. If they aren't DD'ing as much, it can be pretty risky and I would rather rely on bair to control space
    I was reading PP's thread randomly and a post by you came up so I thought I'd come here and post.

    Zimmerman strikes again. Yeah, I was talking to xif at tech and i wanna get some melee matches in. Samus all day!
    Very cool, yeah they both are starting to get really good, like break out good. I am crossing my fingers I get legitly good soon. People who live then leave pittsburgh usually get some recognition ( PockyD, Swift, Mogwai ), so I gots ta live up to that ****.
    The lake ( you can find his videos from pound 3 and 4 of him taking matches off of amsah, shiz and almost taking a set off of hugs in pools, ALL Zelda. He's awesome. Nakamaru a falcon main, Taki (takieddine) a fox main, Vudujin a sexy *** luigi, and I'll throw D20 in just because in my opinion he is the best Y link around.

    yeah only been playing melee for about a year and a few months, fell in love with both the space animals, but until recently felt fox was too wonky control wise for me. I absolutely love falco, but fox is so fun, and i like the feeling of never staying in one place, which I don't feel one does as much as fox who is always running around.
    Doesn't look like it. right now I am living in houston, so I am saving up for Tekko and genesis.

    I just landed a good job, if you play yo cards right ( don't die ), I may buy you a ticket to tekko. Only cuz I love playing pros, and I hate seeing pittsburghs best winning pittsburgh tournies, someone gotta give em a run for their money.
    Nah it's cool, I can tell they bring the love <3

    I could see that was were your fox is going by how sexy your ground spacing/movements. Maybe that sounds dumb but that's how I felt.

    Keep the **** up. Buy a ticket for late Marc and come to pittsburgh for Tekko. Last year we got plank and chinesah. I am going to try to guilt Tec0 into going >.>
    Oh damn, i can't tell if someone is poking fun at my blatant fanboyism?

    I will have to grow an ego to get mad D:

    At anyrate bull****, watching your fox was tasty cakes.
    your fox is so awesome, I'm giving up Pichu for him now!

    Please teach me fox next time we are in bed! <3

    I believe it, your fox is more fun to watch then any I have ever seen. In fact you are making me think about switching from falco.

    If you go to genesis, I demand friendlies, and for you to be my weekend mentor ( assuming Pittsburghs lovely Zelda main Lake doesn't go ).
    dude druggedfox, I heard from a few good players that you are really amazing, and I noticed that you live in GA. we should meet up and play some time. when is good for you?
    Um, it would be really nice if you had some workable tech skill. I definitely don't think tech skill is everything, or that it should be your main focus at all; despite that, its a lot easier to advance as a player in general if you're comfortable with the advanced techs.

    For whoever you want to main, it would be a really good idea to get the basic stuff down. Be able to move around with your character how you want, be able to l-cancel most of your stuff in different situations, etc etc

    This would be great because then playing with me wouldn't just be tech skill lessons (though I'll certainly help out with that... there's a lot of tricks that make it easier, etc). It would be really great if you progressed as a player technically on your own, while you progressed mentally when we played :)

    As I said, I'll spend a lot of time helping with tech stuff, just not focus on it.
    Tbh, I found out about competitive smash in 07, but no I don't feel like I know much aside from that basic vid that had all the "good" ATs like L-cancel, wavedash. I know how to do wavedashing a bit, but l cancel and everything else need work. I'm not very fluid w/ any of the ATs either.

    What do you recommend before these "lessons" begin? lol
    Aww man, that's when I start school @ SPSU, but since I'll be doing AFROTC @ Tech, I'll be over there twice a week, so we'll see. I'll see about sleepyk.
    hey man, what part of Atlanta do you live? Do you have Melee fests often? I'm a brawl player, but I wouldn't mind learning more about Smash or improving at Melee.

    haha i"ll try man got a little unlucky at t06 but im pretty confident in myself haha.

    good stuff
    wow cuz i like remember playing you last month and we were talking and stuff and along with ganon you weren't particularly fond of fighting sheik.

    Way too step it up man great job!

    I just wanted to know lol. You will do better next time i know u can. Unless you play me <.<. JK lol good sstuff bro
    you are part of the equation to bringing marth to the top again.
    space animals will never be better than marth just due to the fact that they are animals. fox's biggest assets are also his downfall.
    Didn't need anything in particular. And I didn't think you were harsh at all. I'm still a scrub by all means so any criticism is good to me.

    And sadly, I can't make TO6. I'm busy that weekend .__.
    Are you the melee guy from 2 AUSOM that kept ****ting on my Falcon from your reads and tech chases?
    yo man, that is awesome! The logic in your posts makes it understandable why you're at GA Tech =D

    I hope to smash with you soon also! I have a few friends at tech, so I might come during a weekend to visit them and play smash with you.
    awesome. idk about coming through on the weekends, but i'm downtown for classes on tuesdays and thursdays. it's looking like I'll be driving down with my sister most of the time so it might be hard to set things up... but we'll manage.
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