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  • Change your Smashboards account name back to GwJ, claiming your points were a pain...
    I have to wait a month ><
    Where does your avatar come from? Please tell me! Does it have anything to do with R.O.B.? R.O.B. is so cool!
    Wait I think I have an idea of where your avatar is from and it frightens me
    I'm not sure where it's from but I have an idea and it frightens me as well. (but she's just so cute)
    Is it not Nico Robin as a kid from One Piece?

    Wow, I thought that was me for a second. I used that avatar for half a year, if not more.
    Livin' the dream

    I think our avatars overlapped for a small period of time because I remember scrolling down some threads and thinking the same thing.
    It says right at the top of the article/overview:

    Harvard Injury Control Research Center

    It seems to be like most academic societies sponsored by a university that specialize in a particular field (in this case crime prevention and some related subfields as pertains to accidents and death) and a particular subject within that filed (injury prevention).

    Personally I would consider that an authority given that people working under academic umbrellas such as these tend to be the most well-versed experts on the subject -- particularly for such an institute at Harvard -- but whatever, **** that thread
    That's cool. Btw, are you still in college/university? If so, what are you majoring in?

    Which movies are you looking forward to seeing in the future? Me? Wreck-It Ralph and that new James Bond movie. They're both being released this November!
    Wait, so you still have to pay to see movies if they're not sold out? =/ (What do you do there again? Do you work behind the glass near the front and take people's money and exchange it for movie tickets?) And how much of a discount are we talking here?

    And why not? And which kind of foods do you guys serve over there? I know this one movie theatre 20 minutes away from my house has a lot of different foods being offered inside such as: pizza, frozen yogurt and nachos.
    What are the perks that come with your job? I'm assuming you get a discount on the food and you get to watch the movies for free?
    I've been meaning to ask you this...how'd you get that job at the movie theatre?
    Are all of your characters maxed out?

    I bet you have tons of good loot/items/weapons etc. huh?
    Unacceptable IMO. I love it when they say that they didn't expect tons of players to log on during launch week. >.<
    Nah, not into the Diablo series. I did play a lot of the OG SC back in the day but I don't like SC2... =/ (Activision ruined Blizzard IMO.)
    Ah, I see.

    What have you been up to lately btw? Enjoying D3? I'm currently playing Mass Effect 3 and Minecraft on my 360. :)
    I think you're long overdue for the DH. If you put in a request for the Debaters group, I'll go ahead and add you!
    It warms my heart to see you playing Penumbra. That game turned me into a wreck. I lack the stomach for scary games, but it's fun watchin' you play. MOAR UPDATES.
    "Are humans coming to a stagnation in evolution?"
    "tl;dr Medicine makes bad people with bad genes reproduce, stopping evolution."
    "...but I also have a nagging feeling that there's something wrong with what he's saying."

    One issue with this argument seems to be an assumption that there is a proper line of evolution. Another assumption that medicine is not a form of natural selection. Also, certain mutations could give rise to beneficial functions later on.

    Particular genes that seem "bad" in our present time might actually give rise to entirely new functions given enough time to continue mutating. Suppose within a segment of DNA there is a repeat of an entire region of another chromosome. This segment might cause debilitating effects at present, but could mutate with enough recombinations and base pair mistakes to give something that seems like a "good" gene in a few 100,000 years.
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