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Recent content by GwJ

  1. GwJ

    Official v1.2.0 Patch Discussion Thread

    Just tested it and got 1.59 seconds on my first try, probably placebo.
  2. GwJ

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    non-traditional third party characters like Snake.
  3. GwJ

    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Here's my character list for 5: Joining: Funky Kong ARMS Guy (with the blue ice cream head)/Ribbon Girl Crash Bandicoot Shovel Knight Ice Climbers Inkling Shantae (?) Wolf (?) Rex (with Pyra/Mythra/Green girl somehow?) Buzzwole (?)(Or some other UB) Lyn (Or some...
  4. GwJ

    R.O.B and shields

    You're never going to break someone's shield. Your practical zoning moves all poke shields eventually.
  5. GwJ

    R.O.B and shields

    Just keep tossing gyros. The fact that they vanish after hitting shield isn't really a negative. When I fight opponents trying to approach, i always just spam gyros. If they shield them, I get to keep tossing them and if they get hit, well then they just got hit. Either way, I'm impeding my...
  6. GwJ

    Down B Mash Tips?

    Something to keep in mind for the eventual future is to know your opponent's options on their way up. If they are able to hit you with an aerial and still recover, he may end up hitting you and since you were mashing, you'll now just buffer a second cyclone which has no rise on it as you fall to...
  7. GwJ

    Down B Mash Tips?

    Try it with Luigi when you're falling. You'll know if you did it right if Luigi's fall with his cyclone slows then starts rising. I think if you're fast enough you can have Luigi just go straight up, but if you're trying to go for a gimp, it would be beneficial to have him fall just a little bit.
  8. GwJ

    Meta Rosalina Match-Up Analysis R2 - Fox

    I'd like to amend my position on the matchup and state that it's more or less even with a slide advantage towards Rosa, but still close enough that I think it's an even matchup. Both characters are just as good at beating on each other. Rosa has her rapid jab in the neutral to punish a whiffed...
  9. GwJ

    Down B Mash Tips?

    I don't mash by just pressing B with my thumb over and over. I actually learned how to mash accidentally because of how much fun I have rapidly choosing a character on the CSS while waiting for the stream to be ready with our names and whatnot. I put the middle joint of my thumb on the B button...
  10. GwJ

    Video Tutorial to New ROB Tech! ETJUBB - Empty Tank Jump Up-B Boost

    This is very helpful and will eventually come in handy. Also reminder to everyone to rapidly tap B instead of holding it to prolong your fuel. It's been around since Brawl and I still see ROBs not doing it.
  11. GwJ

    Meta Wavebounce Aerials Using Gyro Canceling

    Hi everyone, I've been gone on a hiatus of playing Rosa, but I think I'm back. I learned some things playing her that I think could be interesting to implement in ROB's gameplay. Something unique to Rosa that ROB definitely does not have is the horizontal coverage of her Uair. You've all seen...
  12. GwJ

    Social The Rosalina General/Social Thread: 2nd Edition

    Personally, I think Cloud is a contender for best in the game. Many top tier characters have exploitable recoveries. We're easy to edgeguard and so is Diddy.
  13. GwJ

    R.O.B: Down Throw -> Up Air

    Yes it is.
  14. GwJ

    Any good secondaries for Rosalina?

    Cloud, for one.
  15. GwJ

    Who would you recommend as a pocket for Rosa?

    Bayonetta 100%.
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