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  • well then i guess we can just hope that everything runs smoothly, because if it's like CoT4 then it'll suck.
    i was thinking the same thing. its actually not possible to do all that in one day especially if there is a lack of setups. he should just focus on doubles and singles and if there's enough time then do a low tier event.

    i guess beating chibo would knock some sense into him. from what i've seen he's not much different from you in terms of playstyle and reaction.

    TBH i dont think dapuffster has what it takes to run this type of tournament. especially with the lack of help but it will probably run smoothly as long as he focuses on the main events.
    What you want me to say replace Phase's TL with Lawz's Link?

    lol, that's just a bit rude, let the post speak for itself :p

    Yeah definitely show me a video. That sounds good I think I know what you mean now. For some reason reversing a Gyro was always much easier for me. lol

    I remember seeing Overswarm doing this thing where he would zig zag down to the stage with his B-air.

    How the heck do you do that?
    Quote you: " Assuming Dedede is to your left, dash to the right, SH, flick the control stick to the left, press B, and tilt/push the control stick down to angle the laser.

    Okay I have been trying this out in training mode and it is so much harder than it sounds. Sometimes my ROB does side-B instead of laser, and that is no good. :(

    Am I doing something wrong? Are you supposed to "barely" angle the joystick to the other side when doing it?
    Good matches. I really need more practice lol. I just got back into the brawl competitive scene like a week ago. You're really good though. Keep it up
    Oh yeah, basically.

    I walked in, met the TO directer, was like "sup?" and he was like "entrance fee" and I was like "mkay". Then I handed him 5 bucks.

    Then I talked to the other people and was like "sup?" and they were like "friendlies?" and I was like "mkay".

    Then the TO Director was like "Sign up now" and I was like "mkay" and then I waited in line. Then when I got to him, he was like "You entering the singles tournament?" and I was like "chya" and he was like "10 bucks" and I was like "mkay" and handed him 10 bucks.

    Then I *****.


    That's strangely specific.

    Anyway, how am I supposed to be able to tell you where to go? I don't know anything, lol. Unless you want me to read off directions?

    No of course not. You never have had enough. Yeah I finally figured out what happened with my other account. I never activated my account via email. So I told it to send the email again. Too bad it was an email that didn't actually exist. I accidentally typed it in wrong. So I couldn't figure out how to edit my email. It was easier to just make a new account. And there you have it. I'm in.
    Hey, what tag should I use for you in the title of our smash vids?
    I'm having a smash party (melee and Brawl) sometime during our break. I'll let you know on any date I decide.
    You did much better against Sonic yesterday, I don't know why I was having a tough time. ROB's got better range than I thought ^^
    After that last one I threw my wavebird in disgust at myself to the ground and now it won't send the signal. So I deserve it, I played like garbage except for Sonic. Although I really wish you let my poor Olimar back on stage, I would for you :p

    Back to the drawing board for grabs because that's the one thing I can't do. It's weird like I get that mindset that I will break the shield but only to get grabbed. Either way it was fun
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