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  • well since they split melee and brawl into separate days for tournies space hasn't really been an issue. and not a lot of people show up to the tues/fri night smash nights...
    I actually haven't been to one of the tues/fri ones yet but I hope to soon.
    That's something of a tricky question. The short answer is "Yes, I'm a girl." You see, I'm the process of transitioning from male to female. I'm currently spending a great deal of my life as a girl and adopting a female gender role. I try not to make a big deal about it, but I'm also honest about it when people ask.

    As for your character, he sounds like a LOT of fun! :bee:

    By the way, feel free to drop me a line on AIM (sir0rionbtl), YIM (ryusuta), or MSN (sir0rionbtl@hotmail.com) if you'd like! Bear in mind, though, that my Yahoo has been acting a little wonky lately, so the other two might work better.
    *Succumbs to a cuteness overload from the picture*


    Mind telling me a bit about your character?
    :). Nice to see you are still around though :) I will add you again, but I need your friend code first. How have you been doing anyways?
    I honestly don't. Unfortunately, attending smash tourney's probably wont be your best bet for meeting single girls.
    Thanks man. Yea i tend to get pretty grab happy, and that really comes to bite you in the *** in sonic dittos...not nearly as effective as it is against the rest of the cast. Lets play again sometime this week :)
    fox, doc, gaw, marth, falco, falcon, roy

    pretty much half the roster actually -.-'
    Hmmmm? You want to play me? This is quite a random visit, I don't know you or where you came from :p but I gladly accept your challenge!
    I don't know when the next tourney is, but I wana go o_0
    I usually let Ace tell me when a tourney is going on in MA. (I'm too lazy to check XD)
    Hey i saw you added me on MSN. It threw me off a bit because I didn't recognize the name, but now i see your avatar is the same too >_< i added you back.
    means hes trying to upgrade his power characters i think....im working on my cpt falcon which is not eazy.:(
    u actually beat bufu?!...sweet... that is insulting lol...i want to know how it happend, who did u use, who did he use, and how close was the game?
    OMG, you. Forgot about ya D: I'll have to add you again. Can you give me your friend code? I promise I won't erase you this time :D
    Honestly, I don't think I've ever used the Faux Finder. If you did see me in anything it would be a recent WiFi Falcon tourney.
    it was a really good turn out. Much more crowded than the last one I went to, which was pretty much just in some guys shed XD Still fun though. It cleared out more towards the end and there was lots of time for friendlies.

    and not sure why it matters, but yes, I'm a girl. I like frilly pink bows.
    It was fun ^0^ I didn't place well at all this time though, but it was still fun. I didn't get there for doubles either...just brawl singles and some friendlies.
    lol he wasnt talking smack..it was just that one dude that said hes glitched becuz his characters moves to fast and slide around :) so i was curious...so i guess we'll see when we see :) have a safe trip
    wow..so he wasnt just all talk...i wanna play him now. What about you when do you usually b on fauxfinder
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