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Recent content by Darth Waffles

  1. D

    Carroll Fest 4 (Pittsburgh PA) Full Results and S/Os Thread!

    Heh- my tag is is Fishy, not Fisty, in singles. I teamed with m2k in doubles instead of skyson
  2. D

    New use for forward throw.

    hi there 10 good timings
  3. D


    I spy something ChiboSempai http://speeddemosarchive.com/
  4. D

    R.O.B Counter of the Week: "Falco"- How Does He Work? How Do You Beat Him?

    Yikes at the second video, first/second stock. Nair from 91% to 101%, and again to 110%. After the fair to get to 119%, there are nine more nairs, all of which fail to hit, and then at 3:36, nair is finally guaranteed as a kill move (since it is fresh due to ROB having been KO'd during this...
  5. D


    Yup, I'm afraid you lost it faster than this ROB lost his stock after getting hit by the downair. www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRyIoGhOamk#t=06m06s also, hi.
  6. D


    This clown. <3
  7. D


    missed a gazillion pages... E tier? lol wtf I've been away longer than I thought. How close are we to entering low tier tournaments? I knew that picture of dull in latex with his monster camcorder was coming before I even saw it again, but the toga reference made me think of some picture...
  8. D


    Love is the answer Xat's where it's at. Louis said that even you could teach a cat Xat.
  9. D

    It's Hopeless

    I think at least half of my tournament losses throughout my entire career have been to metaknights special permission :093: /hope.
  10. D

    ROB Tournament Discussion

    You know what it's time for! The TWO-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY of http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=238461 :088: Also, was ch0zenone's old profile pic a picture of Chuck Norris, or was it a picture of himself? Tournament Discuss.
  11. D


    Two year anniversary of the meme! http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=238461
  12. D


  13. D


    you da bess. 10besses, 9 of which aren't as good as you
  14. D


    whoa, ROB's really fast :O Looks like you guys have come a long way since the Mombo Combo. Also, as much of a bias as there may be against him, is MK even in this game? I've never seen a Project M video with MK in it, so who's doing the play testing? On an unrelated note, does anyone know...
  15. D

    ROB Tournament Discussion

    All the cool kids do the grounded RETREATING up-B (run right, up B so that you're moving to the left while still facing right the entire time) for mindgames as well as short hop (wavebounced) gyro cancel leading to anything. Also, hi. Also also, SWF was being unfriendly and showing me a page...
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