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    How've you been Chainz? Been trying to catch up on everything, always late to the parties now. Oh I also can't log on Skype anymore, so I'll probably be found either on here or Discord from time to time.
    I'm alive xD Been on a bit of a hiatus as of late. What did I miss? How you been?
    Deleted member 189823
    I WON
    Whaaaaa :O
    Hey Mocha, it's Trish. ^^ A friend of mine recently gifted me premium access, so I was finally able to get my needed name change here. Idk if I'll be as active now, but I'll often be lurking. I miss ya! ;w;
    Heya Trish, long time no hear! How've you been? :O
    Life has been keeping me occupied, but I'm otherwise doing alright! Wanted to see how my fellow buddies from the old days of [insert presumably dead other smash site here] have been doing. ^^; I hope everything's well with you? owo

    As far as playing Smash goes, I've been kinda on and off on that lately, but I still find it fun to play. I'm still playing a decent amount of Pokémon, tho. :v /insertsunandmoonhypehere
    That's adorable.
    Ty c:

    It's so hard finding good Corrin artsies, especially the male Corrin lol
    hmmm it's tricky because I think the friend finder might develop into a second social. Let me speak to hedgey and see if he can give you the OP to the current social so you can work your magic in the OP. What do you think?
    Well, I main Diddy and Olimar. I knew Olimar was going to rise, but I didn't know he would move above Diddy. Jiggly also rose 1 I believe. Luigi should be a lot lower, he sucks.

    PSA and/or OpenSA2 (I recommend having both)
    Hacked Wii. I haven't had the console in about a year now, so I'm not sure anymore which programs people use to run codes in Brawl.
    Once you have this ^, frame advance and infinite replay codes. There's a bunch more codes out there that'll be a big help, but those two are essential.

    Once you get those things, you can get pretty much any frame data you want from the game. And I can link/copy you more stuff from the Smash Lab later once you get set up.

    My advice might be crazy outdated tho. I haven't played or tested for Brawl in over a year lol.
    Well... It was just an idea I came up with. I haven't tried using Zelda to kill yet so.. It's just something for me to consider. Ill still try using sheik but with a hint of Zelda next time. Thanks for he info/helpocha I really appreciate it. I'll try out the ideas you gave me too. Hopefully I'll pull some upsets next time and break past 13th :P
    Hmm your offer sounds tasty lol. I'm actually considering picking up wolf primarily for diskas snake. I'm practicing with sync here and there just so I can master the match up. I'm going to focus on removing bad habits... Well more like removing the situations that put me in dangerous areas. As a matter of fact im gonna head up there tomorrow after class lol I used to be able to beat snakes in tourney but up until recently I've just been having bad luck with the demon lol
    i tend to do it after sending opponents flying w/ dsmash. but my only hope w/ killing w/ zelda is a shield poked up smash on their recovery. i only have one chance to do it too else i may be effed. like what kill options do you have while opponents are on the ledge or recovering towards the stage from up high?
    Just in SA. I'm sure they are cool guys but I kinda left a bad guy impression as I left so I'm just 'eh' on going back.
    I've actually thought about coming back quite a number of times. But the guys here that play are kinda meh on being cool with me so I'm kinda in a bind. :X
    Lol, I'm just back to stalk the Zelda boards. Though it's littered in pony stuff right now. It has been ages it seems, but I'm doing ok for the most part. Still alive and kickin. Also coming back to terms with myself as to why I love Zelda so much.
    It's definitely better than using Shiek, lolol

    I could give you a few tips if you ever REALLY had the idea to, but if it ever came down to playing me, I'd still use Zelda if I were you.

    I think Zelda is pretty underrated though. Other than the recovery, I don't really see why she's so TERRIBLE.
    Heeey Mocha!
    Didn't know you were on Smashboards. Those were some good matches at Sync's place.
    You really broke my "low tier" perception of Zelda. Keep it up, and see you at HOBO.
    Thanks, and same to you. You should use pika more if you second him though. More pikas = better :p
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