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  • lmao hamster XD. That was pretty great.

    But my personal fave was Zelda+Jiggs. Reminded me of watching Espy and KPrime at Whobo on livestream <3333.
    A good amount of characters are better on wifi than offline. Olimar,Zelda Ganon, Ike etc. Although some are better offline like Marth,Meta-Knight etc. It really depends on the characters meta-game and weather its marth cuz marth sux on wifi no matter what imo. Lol I was getting Usmash ***** x.x
    To tell you the truth, I'm quite a terrible teammate when I'm not Marth or GW. Though I fail with those two in 1vs1. It's strange...

    Anyway GGsies. We did do pretty well. GW + Zelda is always hilarious XD, though I gotta work on aiming my Bucket when it's full... :ohwell:
    Yeah I hope to enter offline tournies soon but for now i play online tournies. Somtimes something i do may be annoying but if its the only thing that works then do it. Not for funny but to win and when you see a weaknesss you must abuse that weakness against your opponent to win. Do you go to any type of tournies?
    I main Falco and Marth. Alot of people call falco gay but i say any character can be gay but its the player that turns the character gay. As for marth I consider him an overaverage but not godlike character. Falco is also pretty good imo.
    Okay nice to meet you too. I heard about you from Aibou and if u can beat him then you can beat me.Although we do have some close games. I hope we can brawl sometime too. =)
    Yeah so apparently he didn't get in trouble >_> His friend just told us how he was laughing about it at school.
    No problem.

    Yeah I feel REALLY bad for Deta. Like I wasn't even in the chat when everything happened. Do you actually know the whole story?
    I see you accepted the request. I honestly had no idea you went on here =/

    Needz moar of you in chat. I'm sure Deta would like that xD
    Nice! I really wish Pikachu had more than four colors..... there're so many cute textures for him, but he has so few slots for them. :(
    looks like I've got some work to do =p

    I'll have a look at pika's texture tonight and see if I can get it done asap. I'm currently working on FF9 beatrix (she should be done very soon) so it might take a few days :)
    Noooo, that's a crime!!!

    That texture is ****ing adorable. I hate whoever put it up without a download link. ><
    Of course you can use it! You didn't even need to ask =D I'll see if I can get on the chat now
    O_O; *pants* hi.... mocha... *pants*

    lol jk
    thanks for accepting my friend request :p
    Mocha that's very good to news to me :) How did you do it??? I don't know of any other way.

    Right... I suggest the most important thing you need now is the homebrew browser. Once you get this, you can surf the browser from your wii and download all the other really important apps for the channel.

    As for codes and stuff for textures... you need to head over to the workshop. They'll have a huge guide there. I suggest finding the brawl+ site and it should have an installation right there (I don't have a link :( )
    Mocha we shall definitely get this sorted!

    Could you send me your email address again through a pm as I closed the chat before I noted it down. Thanks!
    hellllooo! I'll send you that PM tomorrow because it's getting late here now =p
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