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  • We must play in a hydra. What was your suggestions for our hydras? :D

    OOOH Mr. Dark ;o You like Rayman? Rayman 2 my fave :D
    Hey, I'm going around touching base with everyone in Pen and Sword, making sure that we're all still participating. If you are, good, if not, just lemme
    Kata, check out the results thread and then check out my most recent post there. I actually do not understand what's happening with that. I want to blame the "new" forum first lol. How exactly does one repair that?
    hey eddd i'll look at it for you! the new forum takes some getting used to.
    #71 in particular. Producers ruin everything :(
    Thanks for linking this! Cool interview! Would have been interesting to see the real VLR he had in mind with no interruptions from the producers.

    His answer to #24 is quite telling!
    these new updates scare me
    Damn, apparently no spoilers :S
    I'm sorry buddy, I was cackling with laughter as I wrote my questions.

    Kat, can I get an invite to VLR discussion? I've seen the 'true ending' and I want to get in on a possible DGames Nonary Game.
    are you postulating that the worldwide eschatological speculation of earth coming to an end through cataclysmic events late in 2012 were nothing but a stratagem to divert the populaces attention from the REAL devastation that is 2013?

    that...is so genius. katae = modern day nostradamus
    No I haven't player Ever17, but have read a bit about it on various sites. Might get around to playing it eventually. I agree, it definitely finished with a lot of questions and not so many answers, which at first made me dislike the ending a bit. However after sitting on it for a bit I actually think I enjoyed it more than 999 overall. 999 was helped I think by the fact that I didn't really know what to expect when I went into it, where as this game I was a bit more prepared for all the science fiction stuff.

    I'll send you a pm I sent Nabe about it! Also have you seen much of the stuff about the 3rd game? It's a mix of speculation and mild spoilers but some of it is very interesting!
    yoyo! i have missed your presence and positive demeanor! :chuckle: whisper sweet things in my ear once more and join the small!
    It's from a game called Catherine which is pretty brilliant imo.

    It wa so sad what happened to her because I absolutely loved her voice.
    I just wanted to say I have always loved like all your avatars you've ha and it's cool to see someone having an Amy Winehouse one.
    Whichever works best for you Kat. Though the meh thing about having it in the social thread is that I think people will probably forget about it cause they'll be more focused on whatever is the current topic on social. I can understand trying to avoid another social thread coming out of this though with making it a separate thread. I'm fine with anything (:
    Kat do you want me to post the Zelda Finder Page (our old one is on the first page of the social) on a separate thread or on the first page of the social?
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