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The Phazon Assassin

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  • You know, I'm kind of curious how half these characters are going to find any of the others. Also, distance wise, roughly how far apart are the characters? For instance, how long would it take me to get from my current location to the main marketplace area?
    The Phazon Assassin
    The Phazon Assassin
    It's not a great distance, you could say a quarter to a half mile or so, and everyone is roughly an equal ditance apart from ome another. The area is essentially a circle. The marketplace in the middle is the hub for the outlying areas.
    The Phazon Assassin
    The Phazon Assassin
    Say you were to look at a map, most of the characters would form a kind of perimeter around the mainlands. I guess I could've went into more detail, but if you need any further clarification, I'll be glad to answer.
    Screw it, I'll try and get a CIS up for P$S later today.
    Question though, can we use an established race from another established universe? Or does it need to be a general type thing?
    The Phazon Assassin
    The Phazon Assassin
    You have free reign to do whatever you please. There are no limitations on character selection.
    Alright. Thank you.
    To be honest dude, for the moment I think
    we still just talk on the D3 forums, were still debating on
    the legitimacy of the group as a whole.
    I rule on land, air, and sea.
    Pass judgement on humanity.
    Winds blow from the bowels of hell.
    Will we give warning, only time will tell.

    2 Questions:
    1. What do these lines mean to YOU?
    2. How does line 1 & 2 RELATE to each other, and 2&3, and 3&4?

    I'm asking because this intrigued me as something important. I'm interested. :)
    so your saying you dont like penguins making the cutest noises in the world?

    my god what is wrong with you :(
    did you find a teammate for the tourney yet?

    It looks like snakeee is going to dallas.
    i only read it because I was on you page and the link to it was right next to where Iam typing this.

    also, after my last tourney, I realised that most of my region (especially the **** kid) are douches, so Im Regionless now. Ill team with anybody. But dont feel bad, because if I can get snakeee, than im team with him anyway.
    I can tell you what i have already found out on aim if it'll help any.

    Sry to be a **** and kinda unload a crap ton of emo but I just absolutely hate the defeatist attitude most DDD other mains have. I also loathe being treated like a fu_cking dog u kno? I'mm get better anyway i can n **** des fu_cking haters that think they can use smash as a full time job.
    The reason i stopped posting in the DDD social is because no one there gives a **** about making DDD better. Instead i get insulted and made fun of for just being me.

    I've decided to take up progressing DDDs meta game on my own without the help of other DDDs. This character will fail in the tournament scene without someone there to back him up. And we need each other in order to do this. Im just fuc_king fed up with some of the people that post shi_t about DDD. What makes it worse is that i cant attended any tournaments till after Dec for money issues. Wifi doesnt cut it for me anymore n all ive got to train with is lv 3/9 cpus.
    Sorry about your head man.

    Hey you and Bnzaa play me and shadowfirex100 in the doubles tournament. Let me know what times you are available. Me and Shadowfire (Bnzaa too) are often on this chat: http://xat.com/MootsBrawlMsger so you could stop by there whenever you're free. I think Bnzaa is only available to play on Fridays and Saturdays.
    That's perfect. I will be gone from 4:45-6, but any other time that day is great.
    Yeah, Thursday's cool. I'll try to get at least the basics down before then so I don't completely suck it up lol.
    I play Mario and Jigglypuff in teams for support, though I have a decent Ganon for certain stages/offensive play.

    I can play around 11:30AM today or tomorrow.
    We haven't played much, but Matt & Steph were gettin it in with MvC lol. Why didn't you tell me you had that on there?!?!?! Gotta prep for MvC3. :p
    I might not be able to play tonight, so I guess I'll try to catch you tomorrow or Wednesday.

    I'll message you later to let you know whether or not I can play tonight.
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