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The Phazon Assassin

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  • Gonna try to get there around 2:30ish, so I'll prob leave close to 1:30.

    How long does getting your permit take? It's right around the corner (if you're going to the one on Ogontz), so I can meet you when you're done.
    You need the money that badly? You could just skip the day entirely and we can go over there together..... I kinda wanna go early so I can get some one-on-one practice in (or two-on-one, I guess, if you come with me).

    Sorry, I was dealing with dog poopoo again...... x.x It's so bad. Even when I'm up here in my room, the smell is still in my nose. ><
    Dunno. I guess we could go somewhere around here, but I can't go far..... Odo's sick, my dad's not home, and my mom refuses to clean up his poo. -____- So every 20 min or so, I get to do it. Yay.

    What time do you go in tomorrow?
    My phone's been dead since last night. Just so you know. :ohwell:

    I think the charger port itself is ****ed, because I got a new charger while I was in Jersey, and it hasn't been helping.
    I tried to think of something equally sweet and clever, but...... I'm no songwriter. :(

    I miss joo, tho. :(
    K. Leave at 7:30!

    Also, I don't have a GC controller anymore, so you gotta bring yours for Monkey Ball.
    I'm not scared, but..... it's raining pretty ****ing hard. You sure you wanna travel in that? x.o
    Lol, we can play Monkey Ball if you want. ;;

    It's thundering..... ;-; So much rain. Anyways, come over anytime after 7 or so.
    You didn't have an umbrella before?

    And you can come if you want, but..... >< I'd rather go out out on Wednesday:

    Mar 24 Wednesday
    Abundant sunshine. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the upper 30s.

    If you come today, it'd be for the usual. I just hate the rain so much........... ;-;
    Phone's not working..... -_- It won't charge! I think I need a new adapter.

    And it's raining, fmllllll.
    Of course I have.....n't. :urg:

    I don't mind leaving extra early if it means one night less in a hotel. The cheaper this trip is, the better.

    Likewise, I don't mind leaving right after the tourney ends, although I'm guessing we'd have to stay the night anyway since we dunno exactly how late it'll run.
    >< You wanna borrow my PS2 too? & get your games back. At least then you can play.

    I'mma buy you lunch tomorrow.

    If you want, you can come over now, and we can chill + watch TV until "curfew" ><.... I'll ask my dad if you can stay a bit later.

    And you can borrow my GH guitar. I never play anyways, although I'll eventually want it back when you replace yours.
    K. I'll probably pre-reg too sometime over the weekend once I see how much I spend at KTAR.
    Ive ben having trouble vs ddds other snakes and diddys and falco but i know how to punish ddds and falco's chain grab with a nade. oddly enough i can handle mk pretty fine
    Sorry about my random disconnect earlier, I have true lolwifi.
    Nice Ike and Link! I am so begging brawls from you sometime.
    Cool man. Again thanks a lot. And I'm sorry for spamming your page, Ill go confirm your victory in the wifi thread. Ill be waiting for you :3
    Good work man, this is fun. Wanna do some friendlies ? Dang hammer!

    Edit: I am full of the surprising :3, your d3 is awesome.
    I was afraid of boring you so Im glad I wasn't horrible. Thank you!
    Sounds good! Just hit me up with a pm or vm, I'm usually around. If I'm not here I'm usually in the pikaxat.
    Yay lolwifi! Would you like to do this thang tomorrow?

    I wanted to tell you if we experience horrible lag that
    1. Its my fault and
    2. You get the match automatically.

    I'm looking forward to this :3 and uh, I really don't care which stage we go to...
    Tsum is also fun to say.
    Yeah i know. Dedede ain't my best to fight. I fair better fighting metaknight and rob. which is odd sence rob is a bad match up for snake. And sorry i left early I was feeling a bit sick and it was throwing off my game. Oh and for the matchups we can use aim when you get the chance
    Thanks :) It does about 34 damage. more then a fully charged foward smash. Shoulda got a c4 on you to. And i will.
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