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Dark 3nergy
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  • Hey there not to bother you but what system do you have smash bros for?
    Nice ava, that's great. Have you registered for mewtwo/CD combo?
    Dark 3nergy
    Dark 3nergy
    I sure have. Im pretty pumped for seeing Mewtwo back in action aren't you?
    Im excited aswell was a huge mewtwo fan during the first gen pokemon era and melee made him even better. Who else would you like to be DLC?
    Did you move to Baltimore? We have weekly smashfests at Xanadu in Arbutus, Maryland (15-20 mins from B-more). Do you have a Fb? We tend to post most Md/Va stuff in the Fb group. If so then add me Dark: Joe Raucher (Seagull).
    Oh yeah, I saw that you mentioned the article on Zeno's. Do you ever show up to play? I'm sorta in the process of learning AE, so I play with Keister, Hitstun and some of the people there.
    hmm? he can still do the frame trap, just not as much. And the lk sk will make him safer, easier to turtle with and push people in the corner (which he loves) more so it's not really a nerf just a tweak. And it's still safe on block-that's what matters the most.
    He's even more creepy in bed. Guy needs a charge to do anything. Oh well. At least his normals and footsies are good.

    Wait what?
    hahahaha!!! Oh this a theory. You know Cammy is the female clone of Bison but she has blonde hair and blue eyes and Abel has same features and is replacement body for Bison. I wonder if Abel is how Bison looked when he was younger... probly wrong though.

    you see this it was from the first SF4

    I know how that is. My parents are kinda pushing me to get out. This Verizon gig is 100% commission, so I gotta bust my ass to make the money I need to be on my own, but he money is out there.
    Hold on, now, I didn't say I didn't like the penguin. That video just came out of left field is all, took me by surprize.

    I just got this new job going door to door for Verizon. The money looks promising, and I'm already seeing some results, so I'm gonna say bye-bye to Walmart, and hello to a better future.

    ........that sounded cheesy, I know.
    what the ****, this is the third time im posting here and my message didnt show up. Am I lagging again?

    btw I finally caved in and opened a facebook, do you have one tell me your name ill add you. You'll know its me, it's the chick with the bipson pic
    oh im sorry I thought I responded. I did it through my cellphone guess it got ducked up.

    Charge buffering for Bison is useful for doing cross up psychocrusher after knockdowns like a sk. Just as soon as you pull the move off hold back to charge again. Also when doing an empty devils reverse you can sneak in a sk or something to mix things up if you dont want to go for a throw
    that's my bipson after playing in my online connection. BTW since i dropped online my offline has improved by 10 fold with bipson, i was able to do all his trials real easily and can combo like a nut now
    wow wtf I thought I answered you but I guess I lagged out because of my failfi and the comment never got posted.

    To answer your question. Are you using WEP or WPA? I had to buy a DSI because DS isn't compatible with WPA (it's a higher level of security) so I'm locked out of all old DS games but I can connect with Black on the DSI.

    BTW wtf @ this no wonder AVGN had Bison has a movie quote of the month vid he's his long lost brother

    yeah I like black a lot but damn what did they do to the touch screen and encounter rate? Lol. Stupid C-Gear eats my batteries

    This **** tryin to get in Ryu's pants now she be throwin herself at mai Dictator :mad:

    Neaaat!! Please send me anything about it so I can be your first costumer!
    how do u draw hands i suck at it. His right hand was a struggle for me it still looks weird :(
    this is my first time drawing Bipson

    this isn't the actual view my scanner is ****ed up and wouldnt scan larger than this image =/

    this is cleaned up version but i still need to draw his shadolaw logo in and color, shade more ect


    i added in ****


    if you want when we play i can put headphones on and give you pointers, but i dont play abel so they will only be general ones if i notice any loopholes in your game. BTW I don't have to use juri or bison lol. Still you'd be surprise how free i am if we have a bad connection, im dead serious.
    So basically...you're saying your entire argument, disagreement, rebuttal, stance, or what have you is all based solely on principle and nothing more? Where's the logic in that?

    "The game should be played AS IT WAS INTEND TO IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM"
    If we were truly meant to play the game AS SAKURAI INTENDED (according to you), we wouldn't even be playing this game competitively at all. We wouldn't be turning items off. We'd be having free-for-alls, coin matches, etc. and still be playing through Subspace Emissary.

    What it all comes down to in this kind of situation is usually the purists vs the progressives. This doesn't necessarily just apply to this kind of topic with hacks. It has also occurred between the Melee purists and the Brawl progressives back in 2008 (still a little salt thrown around, but nothing like back then). I used to be a hardcore Melee purist, I hated the direction Brawl was taking. What did I do? I tried Brawl, I learned it. Ohio's Melee scene went down the crapper in late 07 so I didn't really have a choice if I wanted to still keep playing competitive Smash, it was Brawl or bust. In 09 I learned to appreciate Brawl a little more, got pretty good at it, got ranked, all that jazz. Then...it got stale, really stale.

    I think people are jumping the gun just a bit too quickly on this whole thing. If I could give Brawl a chance for two years after being such a hardcore competitive Melee player, then I think people will (hopefully) be open-minded enough to either try Project M, or if not...then to just leave the silly, unwarranted hate and salt aside. I don't really hold this community in high regard on the forums, but I at least hoped it would be capable of just a bit of maturity after being around for three years. Most Melee players I know are at least giving it a shot or leaving it alone peacefully. They're not trying to "improve" Brawl, and they're not trying to "make a Melee 2.0", they're trying to make a fun, balanced (which it is so far) Melee/Brawl sex child. That's it.
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