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  • did you actually watch the stream to see when judo paused the game? didn't mr. eric say he recorded it? watching the stream again shows that judo paused as the second hit of up-smash connected. which means the judo paused after he got the kill and after the game was over. no rematch was necessary.
    Steins;gate is a show centered around time travel. I am awful with explanations and stuff so heres a link.

    Hatsukoi is just like a show about a bunch of girls/guys liking the other. Its nothing crazy special but its cute. =3

    Glad to hear its healed xD. Life for me is well... okay I guess. I wish it was better but whatever maybe I'm just being selfish =3. And I knowwwww you like literally just vanished for a few months lmao
    I've been keeping up with Steins;gate if you know that show its really great. Probably my favorite show this season. Also saw Hatsukoi limited which was pretty cute and.... yea thats about it, oh and TWGOK.

    You had surgery on your teeth? O_o Wisdom teeth I'm gonna guess? Hope you're feeling aright. And I mean, I just accept I'm a nerd so I'm not even sure how to feel bad about being one anymore.

    Every episode I've seen of Iroha makes me feel bad for her. I only saw like 1 and a half episodes though lol
    Thank you dear and for those nice art encouraging words! I advise you to get a better artist to look up to though!
    I only use skype because I am very crappy at chatting, however if I do get another messenger I will be sure to bother you!

    I hope you get a quick recovery and hope whatever has been keeping you busy has been very worthwhile. Be safe dear! ♥
    Yes! It's similar to mine and I'd like to know the site as to where you found it!

    Nice! What did you think of the game?
    Hi hun! Feel free to message me whenever you do happen to see me! even if away or dnb. I'm on at random times.
    And I really enjoyed anohana too, I was surprised!
    Life wise nothings really going on so I cant complain.

    Are you doing well? I know classes must start back up soon so I hope you had an enjoyable vacation.

    My da is: http://wiscus.deviantart.com/ there isnt a lot of good things there however.
    I've also been struggling with a little sickness. Been doing various stuff on Smashboards and Youtube. Love your avatar, by the way.
    lol she's precious. It's Hinata from Ro-kyu-bu~ (A show airing on the current summer line up)
    Hey can you update the Sii5 thread w/ the pool results or the total entrants w/ pools? I need it for my Pit tourney thread :p. Thanks so much!!
    Oh if it ends around 6 that is perfect. I'll more than likely be there. :D:D:D:D

    Questionnnn. What time do you think Brawl will be over on Sunday? trying to plan in advance. But I am pretty sure I am still going with other people from michigan.
    The guy told me he's gonna get back to me really soon if I got the job, and consider its been ~2 weeks I"m just gonna assume I didn't get it.

    It'll be easier for me to study if I go work for my school anyway xD.

    Thats my plan atm.
    The interview sounded okay. The guy sounded like he liked me and wanted to talk to me about general stuff after he asked me about the job related stuff.

    I sorta feel like I was unprepared for it though so its like a toss up I guess xD.

    And yessss Sakura <3. My favorite magic schoolgirl fights evil show ever xD
    xDDD the interview was over the phone I finished it like a little over 2 hrs ago actually =3.

    Heehee and thanks :)
    Ohhh yea, must be busy unpacking everything I'm guessing xD.

    I'm okaaaay, really tired but its okay I guess. I got an interview later today and I'm graduating on Monday =D.
    My major is marketing and I'll be graduating with honours. :)

    Thanks! I'm regularly checking my college's online job database and other ones. I've already applied to 10 jobs! Hope I get a call from one of them!

    No problem, we all have lives! What have you been up to lately? :p
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