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  • Oh hey, I didn't notice you had become PMBR since the last time I visited regularly. Belated congrats on that and keep up the amazing work!
    Thank you so much! I wasn't too sure about Haruhi though because I didn't see the ribbons, haha.
    Sorry to bother you, but what are all of the animes in your sig? I know the 2nd bar is Higurashi, but what are the rest?
    Yo Zwarm, I think I left a black controller at the venue at your last tournament, did anyone find it?
    Ahh okay, ^^ thanks though, I've got a good idea where I can contact him for a little help.
    Hey quick question, how'd you go about making that signature? : < Wanted to make something similar but have no idea how you went about making those slanted rectangles.
    You're wall looool

    now then, when it comes to supporting, you first need a good ad carry partner. 2nd, you need to synergize with your ad carry partner. That said, you have 2 styles of either being a passive support where you plan to just have a pure farm lane (boring) or aggressive support where you whittle down at the other. Usually its easier to learn being passive first then going aggresive.. so the first 3 supports to learn will be: Soraka, Janna, and Taric.

    Soraka is a sustain support, provides infinite mana and has 2 heals to boot. She's the most passive support there is, and heavily depends on the ad carry in being good otherwise he'll lose lane by taking too much harass that you can't heal it off. (Trust me I've experienced this a bit). You prioritize W and E, W is your ad carry takes a bit too much damage otherwise E to let him spam more and conserve your own mana with a cheaper heal.

    Taric is a tank with his passive armor. He sets up kills very well and he has good lee way for the other ad carry to follow up on you. He has a heal, very weak, but it does matter especially when the other lane doesn't have a healer. Taric has a huge armor shred which amplifies the damage of his ad carry so much as well as his ultimate to boost his teammates power even more. Taric is melee, so you are just biding your time till you can land a good stun then combo the stunned target for a kill. Taric's stun does have a travel time, so its easily reactable to escape a distance and be stunned too far to be capitalized so it isn't easy mode. Focus on W, your armor passive, then your heal. First point goes in E, your stun, but max it last. Your stun costs a ton of mana, so don't be throwing out so eagerly.

    Janna is the most fun out of the 3 IMO, as she requires the most skill out of them. She has no heal besides her ult but her ult is used for the knockback primarily and the heal part is a channel after the knockback so if you can't be a sitting duck, then you won't be healing with it. Janna's primary way of mitigating damage is by shielding her ad carry before he takes damage. After some time, you'll be able to shield people on reaction and save them their HP. Janna provides 3 CCs, knockup, slow and knockback. Janna has the best team fighting ability right next to Lulu. Janna's ult is amazing at saving, her slow is good to catching someone, and her knockup tornado is an aoe in a straight line. Focus on her E, her shield, and then W for passive mobility. Q is the 2nd or 3rd point but max it last to conserve mana. Janna is very mana costly early levels.

    That's it for now
    I don't :<.

    I've been watching a few stuff on it. I wanna get a ps3 during the summer so I'm gonna try to pick it up then.

    It's beautiful. I want to cry right now.

    Because I'm not playing that right now.
    You should =] It's REALLY good!!!!!~ Or you could read the manga i did both at the same time and they were basically the same thing :-p sooo good though and Mei is amazing
    I'm gonna off myself because of that, unless you can go to Michigan on the 17th.
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