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  • you play sm4sh?
    Sure I'll add you. I'm just average in my mind. I understand my character but not others due to lack of experience and time investment.
    i just got online playing this nice Ganondorf
    Not feeling it right now. I'll play tomorrow.
    Hello Ussi, you probably don't remember me. You taught me how to play Ike a really long time ago. Then again , you probably taught a lot of people how to play Ike. So, that doesn't really help. Haha. I have a different account now, so that probably doesn't help either. Ah, anyways, thanks for all the help back then!
    Yo, Ussi! It's been forever since I've spoken/played with you. Remember the old days of Wi-Fi? LOL.
    Also thank you :)
    Hearing that from someone like you means a lot to me.
    Well I won't be home for a few more hours so I'll just send you a message on Skype when I get home. I'll message you my cell number so you can choose your favorite method of communication :)
    if you have Skype, I'd be happy to go back and talk about my past and how that has affected my decision to help people now. it is somewhat long, and not something I generally post in public, but I'm always happy to discuss it.
    Certainly a reasonable and respectable reason to help others.

    As for what it "feels" like... idk. It doesn't really feel like anything. It just makes sense to me and seems right. I can't really explain it.
    Not really, no.

    There are people out there that need help- people I like, people I don't like, and people I don't know. My own personal bias isn't an objectively valid reason to determine if someone is or isn't "worth" helping so I ignore my own biases. I'm left with people all around me who need help and me in a position, with the ability/skill set to be able to help them. There's no reason not to make their lives better.

    Similarly, I'll from time to time go to the store and buy a ton of flowers and keep them in my car during the day. When I see someone who looks like they're having a bad day, I'll get some and give them to that person.

    If I have the capacity to help someone, and there's not a pressing reason not to (personal safety- although I ignore that frequently, someone else needs more urgent help, etc), then why would they not deserve the assistance?
    Even then, it would be for a reason.

    So, the actual question I care about:
    Imagine a *man made* rule with a very specific punishment was broken.
    Somebody *technically* breaks this rule- while nobody else is aware of it but the person who administers punishment- but in the way they break it they don't harm negatively interact with the reason that the rule was put into place for. Should that person be punished by the predefined standard?
    In Islam the answer is quite inarguable.

    I meant more generally- human created rules (be it laws, family rules by a parent, personal rules, etc)
    Would it be fair to say that *most* rules that are made are put into place for a specific reason (typically to prevent or protect some negative event, but obviously there are other reasons applicable as well)?
    Oh. Text me. I don't believe I have yours. You must have gotten it when I was advertising my loss of contacts when I got my new phone.
    And you do the same. Also maybe if I'm on LoL and not on Skype, I could give you my number in case a text would get my attention?
    I see. My favorite themes are Yuyuko's, Suwako's, Keine's, and Wriggle's.
    Patchy's is pretty :3

    Aww yeah, that item XD Wriggle has one of my favorite touhou themes. The person who introduced me to Touhou's favorite theme was Mooned Insect. Always been a favorite of mine.
    Ohh, and I asked because I'm starting to learn it slowly and wanted to know if you could help me out XD

    Lol. I think it's cool they have a Youmuu reference in LoL. Also Lux :o
    Ohh yeah, do you speak or know any Japanese? o. o

    well you're still on there, dunno why I don't recall messages :/ next time you message me i'll hopefully see it. My pvpnet is glitchy sometimes, I've logged in like 3 times today and the entire screen (except the Play button and stuff on the top) was black, I have to relog for stuff like that but maybe it's a glitch or something.
    uhhh what's your LoL name? I don't remember ever getting messages from you because I'm not one to ignore stuff like that.. I might have deleted you if I was unsure who you were, since a lot of people have different names on SWF/LoL I might have thought you were some random person that added me after a game and we never talked again or something.
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