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Teh Brettster
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  • Would you want to go to Ascension on the 30th in Houston? I'm looking for someone to join me since Denti's carpool is full i think.
    i have your number already. Gah why didn't i think pf that yesterday -_-;;
    I had a feelin cause just before you messaged me i messaged you saying "i see light not in a game! Lets nab him!" so yea, skype me from now on cause i'm always on and LoL loves to glitch the chat
    Dunno if you are getting my league messages but i get yours and reply to them... so I;m guessing they aren't going through. Seriously i'm 100% on skype when i'm on LoL so message me on skype if anything
    Yep. I gotta start using him again.

    You guys are always talking about something gameplay related xD And I don't know anything about how to play, so I just sit back and read. I guess I'll try to post more though.
    I still lurk all the time :o I never have anything relevant to say though. My Ike is getting fat :'(
    Ah okay, lol. At the first Frag for Cancer tournament where they featured Brawl, late 2009 sometime, they said they'd provide the Wiis and Brawl discs. So all of us regulars with Smash Halifax arrive with just our controllers and they've got six Wiis, six Brawl discs, and nothing unlocked on any of them.

    Needless to say we all brought our own Wiis for it last year.

    So, we should probably practice teaming and stuff, since March is no longer very distant. Will you be able to make the next bi-weekly? At least for doubles afterward if not for the tourney?

    Actually, it was Xiivi who went around and put those on all the social threads in every board, and I think it's only super mods/admins that can do it. I can put an [IMPORTANT] or [FORUM RULES] label on a thread, but that's about it, lol.

    Meh... It's just life. Too much school, too many family issues. My mom tried kicking me out Oct. 12 and now I'm on like forever punishment. I lost my internet. She took my laptop. She took the Wii. I let my friend borrow smash bros. cause of that. Then my power gets cut off (3 days ago). Just a lot of stupid ****.

    So, about them doubles practice.

    I've been pretty busy this past week but I'm up for some practice anytime this weekend, just let me know what days/times you're available and I'll make sure I've got nothing else going on.

    Of course we can get some matches in after the bi-weekly too but I'd like to do a bit more while I have the free time if possible.

    Hey, wanna practice some doubles a bit tonight or plan to for another day? I'd rather do it tonight at least for awhile if you can, since I'm off work tomorrow. I'll be free every afternoon/evening for the rest of the week and most of the day during the weekend though.

    Meet me in the Ike Xat if you want to practice a bit tonight.


    Since the rest of our crew is in my carpool, we'll discuss order and stuff on the way over and then bring you into the conversation when we get there. If there's anything you'd like for me to bring up in the first place--where you'd like to be placed, who you DON'T want to fight--shoot me a PM.
    Would you like to join SA + Austin in the crew battle? Both sides are expanding their rosters to 5 players.
    If you're in the mood, Brett, would you like to get some friendlies in? That way, I can successfully have you registered! ^-^
    Yeah, a chocolate-colored person being allergic to chocolate is a problem. Hopefully, things will work out.
    yea i saw ya post.

    Razer(jiggs) is REALLY good in LT and me/him reach top 3 in teams all the time.

    Trela(samus) has been personally taught by me and u already know how good samus and ike are in teams.

    Believe it or not, JERM(link) is actually really good. Other than those 3, u could try for some espy/kprime/suspect/Zane......ect
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