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  • No, it can't be true, I could fly if I wanted to... like a bird in the sky, if I believed I could fly, why I'd fly!!!!
    You can easily find a new copy of ME2 anywhere for $20 these days. You just missed a temporarily sale/price drop for ME3. :( (I got my copy last week for 50% off @ $30 :awesome: )

    I wish I remembered where I found my Typhlosion o_O avatar. :tytypoo:
    At least they'll be releasing some free single player DLC this summer which should answer some more questions, right? Are you into the Mass Effect series btw?

    Oh yeah, I know about that. And what is your avatar of?
    (This is in response to your other VM)

    Sounds like fun, maybe I'll pick it up one of these days! Haven't turned on my Wii for the past several months tho, haha. I also have to beat SS one of these days...I loved TP on my GCN.

    I also got ME3 on Friday. I'm bracing myself for the ending. =/

    And you got nothing on my join date, 2006, son. I got to experience the site at it's fullest potential/greatness until MLG started to ruin it in 2008. inb4infraction :smirk:

    Really? Who? How do you figure that out btw?
    It's pretty cold over here today. :urg:

    It was like 5 outside this morning. =/
    I have one of the older ones for my Elite console. (Had to replace my old Pro one back in November...FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!) :mad:

    Ethernet > Wireless btw. I play upstairs in my room but I can always use Ethernet if I move it back downstairs to where my modem/router is.

    Friend request sent.
    Yeah, I got it. I replied to it this afternoon. (Not sure if you've already read it.)

    What's wrong with it? D:

    Yeah, you know them. They think they're so great, oh wellz. Their loss.

    Btw, you got a FB?
    Lol it's fine Craysyn!

    I mean, I don't get Feb break :p I have to wait two more weeks for my own break. Swell > Well. :( You haven't learned much in your studies yet? Man, I hope it starts picking up steam for you!

    I'm good, I teach! Though I feel super old...some kid today said he had no idea what a Mega Man was. I cried a little inside.
    Oh so how's it shaking for you? Is school and stuff going well for you?
    We literally chat about the most random things, not even gonna lie lol. Oh no that's totally fine if he doesn't like me. Just sucks lol.

    :awesome: they're pretty goooooood. I'd catch you on Skype but I never see you, haha.
    Jesse made me remember that I need to talk to you more because you're amazing.
    I'm surprised you care about the Superbowl, since you're Canadian like me. :smirk:

    Hockey FTW!!! xD
    I agree, I don't like MW3 cause most of the maps suck and the game is just downright boring. I've actually moved back to MW2 and Black Ops. (Got the 10 nukes in MW2 for the spinning nuke emblem last month.) :3c

    And no problem, let's set up a day and time to play together one day! I don't get blown up AS MUCH in MW2 as I used to, lol. :tytypoo:
    Hello there!
    So I took a 2-year absence from the boards and came back to find everyone still here. I'm pretty sure you don't remember me, but before I left we were entering a doubles tourney. How's it going?
    It actually snowed on Sunday but then it all melted away on Monday cause of the rain. D:
    Counting Crows...I remember them.

    I always loved "Accidentally In Love".
    The Last King of Hollywood?

    What about the last queen? Who's that?
    Like hell i'd agree to -+2 -_-;;

    first post i said was -1, no need for frame data bickering xD

    In game scenarios didn't help when he discredited billy and you discredited Mr. Doom

    He did say he used his frame traps vs Mr. Doom and Hylian has beaten the TX Ikes with a positive record.

    Ryo doesn't live near a good ICs.. and San is the only one who really did any work.

    Result wise and ignoring personal problem MUs yea IC has a winning record over Ike :\
    Seeing as you sound frustrated from the whole IC vs Ike debacle

    I was only pushing for -1 just to get it over with :s with no real gameplay evidence, Ike's frame data always working against him, and massive character bias :\ I already saw the ending to this.

    I dont know why, and this probably sounds random, but i remember when i saw your 7 year bump

    that was...kinda epic
    Do you eat it with whipped cream like I've seen on TV? :p

    Yeah man, that combo is the best, can't have turkey without stuffing! ^^
    ohyou.jpg (I've actually never had pumpkin pie before, is it any good?)

    And how was your meal? I'm soooooooo full right now. :3
    DO IT!
    although I don't do OTL anymore, I've figured out that I'm 10x better offline than online, Just from tournament placings...

    Sorry bout the uber late response, I was responding to your message, then I pressed "post message" and my internet got DC, but I thought that the message had already gone through. :(
    Like your MAD SKILLS! in brawl. You're a pro now aint ya? xD
    I bet you'd cream me now lol. and the OTL misses you :(
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