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  • It just means you're godlike with teching and people need to be afraid of you now.
    Aw! Hahaha. This is sort of how I saw it:

    (watching) "Jordan's a meanie...Ike's a cool guy"
    (offstage, you get hit) "MAN."
    (you start coming back) "Wh-Wh.."
    (you make it back, while Jordan is dying) "LOOOOOOOOL!" then "*sniffs* It's so beautiful.."
    *tears stream down face* That was so beautiful, what a way to win your set!
    Hey Nysyarc i know this might seem nooby but..... how come sometimes when you aether plank for a while Ike like completly misses the edge even though you very close normally i thought that would happen if you held down but in this case im not. o.o
    Hey Nys, sorry I haven't been on for the MU chart. It came at a really bad time, since I just moved in, and didn't have internet at home until this past weekend. This week is really tough, but I'll be able to get on more around friday since one of my labs aren't starting up yet and I have monday free because of labor day.
    Will you be joining the Ike panel in the BBR MU Chart? Haven't heard from you in a while!
    Nicks computer is registered to my stream, thats why I'm using mine, if you could bring your laptop we could run2 streams. (we would need 2 dazzles, I have 1)
    Tell me about it, it hasn't rained here for the past month and all the grass has turned yellow. :c
    Yeah, I pretty much updated the enemies on that game. It's still a little on the difficult side, so I'm still messing around with it. Some of the levels need to be updated, and I still need to create maps for levels 15, 20, 22, 27, and 32. It'll be a little while before I have that up and ready.

    BTW, good luck on the last 3 maps. They're pretty much the toughest I can offer in the game.
    How's the modded Doom going for you? Any other bugs you ran across that I may have missed?
    Just now saw these -_-
    I always forget to go on AIM cause I turn it off to play Mount & Blade on my laptop. Matches were fun, had to leave to eat. Break starting for you, too?
    Pretty good man...ive stopped playin brawl........moved on to other things......hbu...u still pro wit ike?
    Too much hw I need to do. 3 final projects, 18 page report (group) portfolio, 3 final tests, a really long problem set, demos/presentations
    Generally not allowed to touch threads that aren't from my region.

    I asked Ankoku about it/gave links.
    Would it be possible for you to delete the most recent thread I made (the APM one)? The tourney is canned and I'd prefer if the thread was gone.
    Yeah, I can see where you're coming from. MW3 is coming out in November (not confirmed but we all know it will) so Black Ops will be outdated in several months. The game is fun though with a full party of friends. Team SWF plays together on a regular basis.

    We should play MW2 one of these days. :D
    I jabbed...I didn't win because he has so much experience against you.

    BUT...I did get a dtilt ko. :3
    Craysyn I used Ike against Raziek. Just thought you'd like to know that.
    Did you hear about MW3? It's supposed to be announced on Wednesday at this year's GDC event @ 10 AM EST.

    Hypppeee. :laugh:
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