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Mr. Doom
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  • The difference between your most recent post and the 2nd most recent is over a year
    I've been watching your Ike videos, they really made me realize I need to get better as Ike to stand a chance.
    Hey, I am looking for any smashers in Wichita and wondered if you knew of any that might be hosting events?
    It's difficult to find anyone in the middle of nowhere, but I know there was some tournament last month, so there's got to be somebody around.
    yo, i saw in the music hub thread that you converted a track from Plutonia 2. you play doom? :D
    I SD'd at least twice against RedHalberd in pools, and definitely had some other SDs. Mostly when I messed up something at the ledge and ended up ADing down lol
    A few times
    Forward b'd below the stage and couldn't down b properly.
    Down b'd without rising myself
    Random Battlefield melee deaths (lol)

    I am a master of disaster :awesome: and missed my melee pool 2nd round because of it :urg:
    I was playing against Rich Brown in second round of pools yesterday. Last stock, I was trying to DJC Egg Lay back on stage and Egg Rolled instead, falling to my death. :(
    yesterday when I was playing my brother with king DDD I cancelled up B by pressing down, but didn't press up quickly enough so DDD didnt grab the ledge and I fell down and died : ((((
    I'm not using hacks :p I'll use them any other tournament, just not Apex. We're getting the attention of Nintendo, eSports and the FGC just for that reason.
    Re-send those? I think I tried looking for them a couple months ago and probably misplaced them
    I got some replays but I forgot who they were from or what they were for, actually. lol
    I'm debating between the Elo or Panel system. I suspect I might do a combination of both.

    How did you go about calculating it previously, if I may ask? I'm relatively inexperienced with the actual practice of maintaining Elo although I'm familiar with the purpose of how it calculates things
    Hey, if Wichita is retired and you aren't going to update/maintain it anymore, could I have control over the KS PR thread?
    LOL well I did google him last night but I wasn't sure if that's who you were talking about
    True, but if he wanted donations, he could say so, but he wants me to PAY for what looks like 10 seconds of work. I kid you not, i would sooner pay you man, those levels are Fierce.
    Why??? it's 1 pixel. Shame on him. You get munnies first.

    edit: Lol he wants 35?? Not for a Pixel bro.
    freakin perfect! it seems whobo 4's date is gonna be perfect for nearly everybodies spring break. you may wanna really consider going to whobo 4 cause im holding mid tier singles and mid tier doubles instead of low tier. u should **** those events
    I'm a loser who only has MSN, lul. I've been meaning to sign up for AIM regardless, maybe I'll just make an account.
    Hey, did you still have that Super Mario RPG Hard mode hack? I've been meaning to play it but can't find it anywhere online.
    Oh crap, sorry man, I've actually started writing it up but completely forgot about it between work, a smashfest I hosted and other things. I have time this week though so I'll have it to you before the weekend for sure.

    No other bugs thusfar, haven't gotten a chance to test multiplayer further though. Last week I got to MAP28 in singleplayer but then I got caught up with work and something I'm working on in Java. I'll try and get the last few maps done a.s.a.p.

    Have you been doing some more work on Mr. Doom 2?

    :( No....And she's in Massachusetts right now.... But I'll contact her. Thanks though!!

    Haha and I'll do it.
    Skype me if you want a run down of my discovery.

    You might not like it though, based on some of the capability trade offs, but it seems like it might be semi useful for Ike
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