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  • lol i never saw this message for some reason, I don't play smash anymore and I still don't play SF :p But I'm gonna start playing smash again when the new one comes out
    Yo Metal that guide you recently made of the SF guide to smash is really good real talk. I no longer play smash seriously anymore and been retired for a little over a year now and completely moved on to Namco 3d Fighters but I enjoyed that video.
    Thanks, dude! I'm very happy that everyone seems to be really liking it :)
    Who are you playing in SFxT? My main team right now is Ryu/Juri. I've also been playing Chun-li and Lily. I definitely want to try Nina, Raven, and Hworang. When are you coming back/when is the STL fighter tourney?
    I never uploaded the lightbox CSS's & Javascript libraries to a place where I should have (the SWF git) and instead directly uploaded it to Smashboards. When we got hacked, Agora restored the site from the git (and lightbox stuff wasn't there, hence disabling it). But for a few months I was trying to talk to them about the git, forgetting about restoring lightbox in the process.

    I gotta update Tapatalk so I figure why not? Last one will do.
    that lightbox thing, can you send me the updated CSS for it? forgot about it... for half a year XD
    That's why I host...to make it less ****ty.

    I'll be teaching high school art as well as freelancing. :)

    Is your work going ok?
    That's fine. I just ask because I'm moving and well...then I'm done. You're ok Will.
    dude go to ****ing revenge and bring future I want revenge for mp2!!!! I can house you guys again. Just come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet, I am looking forward to it that much more then :D

    Also by chance are you going to Revenge in Cincinnati in November?
    Too true. Why they gotta hate on Joss? :(

    Never got the chance to watch it lol. I was actually just gonna do Netflix and watch it tonight. lol I knew about it but never got the chance to watch it. Is it any good?
    lol I know exactly what you mean. And Joss did do a great job with the series. Have you watched Firefly at all? I didn't actually catch it when it was first released. I found out about it later. Weird series but I definitely enjoyed it
    Holy ****, I don't know too many others people that enjoy the series like I do lol Yeah I've watched the whole series myself several times over. The theme song down to the plot always been a huge fan. That's legit. Why are we always on the same page? lol
    Don't worry about it. I'm impossible to budge too. I'm probably the only guy left in the smash community that thinks we have a slight advantage, but even so I can't disagree with how everyone says the MU isn't our advantage. It's not our disadvantage either, so meh. Hopefully since the kirby panel chose even unanimously, and one Falco member chose even, we can go with the majority here. :\
    I know...and he's 9th.

    Have you seen the MU spread we have? I mean, ****, the PEACH PLAYERS think they beat us. I guess I can't have any Mu I don't know when I play the best one (even though I have it now).
    Like I don't get why the complain against every character but not against Pikachu who actually abuses the weaknesses he has better than everybody else (maybe tied with MK in it, maybe slightly worse). They overstress their weaknesses and then say everything is -1 with the huge complaints they have...
    Snake's always overplay their issues....all of them. Just not against Pikachu for some reason.
    Bowser can buffer a pivot grab out of GR on Falco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvdgwDAczNY

    The timing's tricky, but I've gotten pretty good at doing it on Falco moreso than the other characters on the list (in the video description). I wish I could do this more, but Texas has literally no Falcos. :(

    Bowser also has a AR chaingrab on Falco and can then end in a guaranteed dtilt out of GR.

    I hope this clears up things a bit. If you have any more questions, let me know!
    Lemme get back to you tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a lot of typing to do today and need to space it all out (I injured my forearms a few months ago and am still in rehab.).
    np mate. Hope this all goes well. I'll be updating the panelist threads for wario and pit later this weekend. GL with the rest of yours.
    I think it's honestly even, especially when going to stages that Dedede excels at like PS1, YI, and BF (I say BF because he's so good at hiding under the platforms and keeping his bair out to scare Pit or push him off.) And closer to +1 when going else where like FD, SV...hard counters, Brinstar is a viable choice for Pit to get early kills and stall out his multi-hit moves. While Dedede has Castle Siege (his best stage imo against pit), Delfino, Ps1... He just has a lot of crazy potential on the stage list imo.

    We initially had this pegged as 0 on the mu thread in Pit forums, but has changed to +1 from over all enthusiasm in the match up I think. KiraFlax has knowledge on this matchup more than I however, he might rate it a PLUS TWO for all I know! LOL...
    I'm not sure how vocal the other Pits will be about the MU, but I will say that I've been 2-0'd by Atomsk using Pit and 2-1'd by Fizzle, losing game 1 using Pit and game 2 and 3 with wario.

    Pit is really good in this match up, but from my experience, it's not nearly as "medium advantage" as people think. I don't think any of the Dededes you guys have there are familiar with the match up, so I would ask Fizzle or Atomsk, they played it pretty well.
    loooool you're just trying to get me started, aren't you?

    Beware of these sheep in the costume of wolves, For lies,
    They come in pairs of two and we only die twice, But for such a very long time.
    Just because you kiss a lot, don't mean you're in love.
    Just because you have begun, don't mean you have won.
    I was a second son, not born but just once, and all my friends be gray.
    The fade out.
    They all close the door because no one speaks out loud.
    Take my heart, Prophet.
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