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  • Hi T-block! Happy birthday (Assuming that your skype birthday is your actual birthday)!! I hope it's awesome! c:
    Was I playing the REAL T-block or was it some wannabe? because those were fun games. freaking Ness.
    Hey T-Block, first off mad respect, I'm a Canadian just tryna make a name for myself in the SSB community. If you could link me to some of the known or underground tournaments mainly within Canada you'd be a hero. I'm trying to get some Melee action in but Brawl's accepted,and always I'm down for some OG N64 SSB. Thanks.
    I really have to apologize. I talk about being more active but I am just so swamped... it was all I could to to attend a tournament for just a few hours. I'll catch up with you soon though!
    Surprisingly, I am on FB a lot more but just for IM. I'm also available by text but that's probably a hassle.
    I think I have you on Skype but I just don't go on as much as I should. I'll make a point to be on it more often.
    Hey Mike, I have a question. Do you know at all when they'd look for mods for the SSB4 sections? I want to try and become the MM mod and wanted to ask what would be good to make that happen. If you check it out you can see I've already created some key threads and have made a few things for the forum after all, and I have plenty of other plans and ideas for it.
    Yeah I can hold the fort until the 6th if you think you'll be able to catch up and jump in when you get more time.

    But gaaahhh why is picking a name so dang difficult I can't think of anything.

    Haha Pokemon/Tetris puns.

    T-Spin Snubbull
    T-Spinda Double
    T-Spinda Snubbull
    Or T-Spin Double Kill or something like that.

    Would be funny. Also down for Lady Rainicorn-related or basically anything. Could you get the account set up? :3
    Kk mang we need a hydra name and our stuff was boring. Favourite book series/TV show/video game or something go! We'll find a common interest.

    Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Donkey Kong Country? Pokémon's always cool.
    I mean like

    WHY do you need to scrub your BALLS? Isn't soap enough?






    if i were to have written that in all caps, smashboards would've blown up from all the amazingness

    that's why they removed the caps
    D'aw thanks TB. <3

    See since a lot of DGamers and a lot of Brawl people I used to know are going, I feel it's worth the trip. Plus a vacation to go back to Maryland and New Jersey with my best friend (Sang)? Loving life haha.
    Yeah I gotcha man. I am going more for the social event because it's Apex and I would love to meet a lot of people finally. If I do well like I did at MLG, I'd be happy with that. I want to go Lucas because he is my best and I do do well with him at tournaments offline, but something about me is pulling me to Toon Link.

    Everyone does have their fair share of bad games every now and then. ;P Then again, we don't anymore haha.

    Breaking my heart, man. I'm soooooooorry, it was all my fault and I played terribly.

    (Btw, are you going to Apex?)
    Showdown of Lucas (J) vs. T-Block (PT) debating skills? I honestly have not been this excited to debate a MU and especially because it's with you, it'll be sooooo much more fun. <3
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