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    Pokemon Trainer Preliminary Frame Data

    I was just thinking about whether frame data was available last night. Thanks so much for the hard work, AA. <3
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    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    Believe it or not, I do think about y'all every once in a while. But there's zero chance that I'll have enough time to actually commit to a game nowadays T_T
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    Social DGames Social | V/LA |

    ohai =o
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    Hello, old friends =)

    I kind of wish I had chosen a better title for this thread. While it's amazing to see old names that I recognize posting here, it's actually equally cool to see all the Pokemon mains from Smash 4, as well as the newer Smash players in general expressing so much interest and excitement =D
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    Hello, old friends =)

    Yeah, forced switch definitely occurs on death in the E3 build. That doesn't bother me at all though... I bet you could pull two switches to switch back before your invincibility even wears off heh. It's too bad Armada ended up using PT in a 1v1 against Zero of all people... would have been...
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    Hello, old friends =)

    It's been a long time... Any of the old guard still playing/thinking of coming back?
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    After the Elite Four

    bruh <3 if squirtle were in smash4, i might still be playing smash =(
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    hey thanks joey =D

    hey thanks joey =D
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    "Trouble Made Triple" - A Pokémon Trainer Compilation/Highlight Video

    Thanks! To cancel up-b, you just press down or back once your vine latches the ledge. Then you're free to up-b again. Nice and simple =)
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    Lylat Cruise: Stage Research

    I have this fantasy in my head where I dash attack someone's shield (as Bowser Jr., so it's a lasting dash attack) and Lylat lets me tap their shield and then cancel into a grab. If this is doable consistently then I will 100% put in the time to practise it.
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    Lylat Cruise: Stage Research

    Cool. Good to know that information is still useful. Is the "twist" about characters being made airborne due to the tilt? If so, I'd be very interested in hearing what you guys have to say about it - I've been meaning to do some experimenting myself, but I never got around to it. If it can...
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    Anyone contemplating giving up?

    Played a tournament this weekend. I think we're actually really good against C. Falcon (who is a pretty good character imo - not top 10 or anything, but pretty damn solid). I co-main Rosalina, and I think Bowser Jr. actually does better in this matchup. vs. Diddy is completely absolutely...
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    Anyone contemplating giving up?

    The more I play, the more I think d-smash is actually fine. I convert off reads with d-smash pretty consistently now. A slight nerf to cooldown probably wouldn't even change anything significant... it doesn't make any sense from a design perspective for a move like that to NOT be unsafe on...
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    Creative and Informative Guide on the Koopalings yo

    I've been experimenting on getting d-smash to work. I used to have the same problem, and I think it's just a timing thing. I've gotten a little better at it, and I suspect that if you just work it out you will too. F-tilt is the much safer option for rolls though, obviously.
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    Official Standard Custom Moveset Project: Bowser Jr.

    I haven't played around as much with customs as I would have liked, but I think it might be worth it to dedicate one slot to an anti Little Mac set, given the prevalence of the character. Probably something like 3213. I'm not sure how much I trust a reddit thread... 1312 sounds pretty bad to...
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