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  • Hey, I'm going around touching base with everyone in Pen and Sword, making sure that we're all still participating. If you are, good, if not, just lemme know.
    Just a heads up if you didn't see in the thread, I'm gonna post the beginning of the story in just about 2 days time. I need your CIS by then if you want in.
    ah **** i forgot to make the account at school LOL

    are you able to make them?

    T-spin Double Kill gogogogogogogogo
    nah i don't play LoL

    up to youuuu pick something

    small thing though... i'm extremely busy until feb 6. if you can hold it down until then that's cool... otherwise we should probs wait =x
    Sorry for attacking you HEAVILY in LoLupick when you were trying to be more proactive. :3 I do encourage you being proactive (I promise I won't bite for it, I learned my lesson) but I want to see you STICK to your guns yo. :p
    Ah okay! I was doing a little thinking... and I really have no static partner for doubles and was wondering if you wanted to partner up for future tourneys? I won't be at the next monthly though.

    How was your car trip?

    Smite yes. Ghost noooo - you said you get phage/mallet. That slows the enemy down anyway AND you have an inbuilt speed steroid and a slow. Exhaust works because it's a SICK slow and de-buffs the enemy, that's your job, getting your carries some kills - and allowing them to catch the enemy. If you aren't dealing the damage and don't have hard cc (i.e. jarv's ult) to pin the enemy when you catch them then there's not much point in running ghost.

    Ghost only works if you counter jungle a lot an aren't very good at it. Flash is meh on him but can always come in useful. No summ tops exhaust on him imo.
    Pretty much. Protip: anywhere between 6/7 mins in ward their blue in the bush exactly in the middle. This gives vision of the whole bush so you can steal blue or wait and.smite steal it later from their jungler. What summoners do you run?
    Always start wolves and get some dmg on them from your ad, then get a pull on blue. Depending on enemy team comp you can steal/gank their red or head to your wraiths.

    Build is fine but I prefer 9/21/0 masteries picking up ar pen and as. Always have a point in e at 4. What do you think your role is in teamfights?

    I often pick up black cleaver and ga as staple, atmas fits in nicely too.
    What runes/masteries do/will you run? Favoured jungle path? Skill order? Core items? Starting item.

    Let me judge you.

    Srsly, love Trundle so much. Get matched up vs an Amumu?

    /all Hope you didn't plan on jungling...ever, Mumu.
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