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  • Alrighty, t-block, I've updated your Hall of Fame entry to reflect your latest tournament results. Don't sweat the slight slump, man--I'm sure you'll do better next time. That's the challenge with PT, amirite?
    Hey t, just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna get to watching that PT video of yours--I'm heading out to Disney World this weekend with some friends, so I might take a while to watch it. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Glad to see you made a video!
    wooooooooow get the **** outta heeere. xDDDDD Now I have to start play again to beat your scores. =P

    I played blockstar waaaay back before it was bought over by tetris. =P
    Congrats on your placing at Edmonton Sou Kawaii 2! Your Hall of Fame profile has been updated.
    Probably yeah, if not ADAT2.

    I don't play Tetris DS, I don't even have it. xD I play the tetris on facebook LOL. It's developed by the actual tetris company so it's legit. =P
    oh ****. I said matt >.< Yeah I knew it was Mike, sorry xD

    But yeah man, thanks for the add. Let's play tetris sometime.
    Mine kinda crapped out on me for some reason, so I switched it. But thanks, man. I'm proud of the background of the last one that was up. XD
    t-block, your latest entry into the Hall of Fame has been recorded. If you have any more updates, let me know.
    Hello you may not know me but just yetsterday I join the Fellowship PT group and I just went to the person that made the group but he isnt able to brawl n wifi so with that said would would you like to brawl?

    PT vs PT?
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